Why you you should send your warm letter in the mail (not email)

When you are starting out, your warm letter of introduction can be a highly effective way to get the word out about your services. Sending this letter educates your inner circle regarding what you are up to and how they can help. This can start the flow of referrals that will help fill your practice. If you know 250 people between family, house of worship, colleagues from past jobs, people you have met networking and friends, you can see the power of contacting these folks to help you spread the word.

Some clients have told me they find it hard to stuff all the envelopes and get everyone’s mailing address. They say it would be so much easier and cheaper to email everyone instead. Unfortunately, email delivers only a sliver of results that the actual letter in the mail can produce.

Sometimes clients decide to move forward doing things their way, even after hearing that the email won’t work very well. When I follow up with them a few weeks later asking, “How did the warm letter email go?” they would admit that it had little or no impact.

When you get an email that is more than a few sentences or even a couple of paragraphs, we often don’t read them. We might put them into our “read later” file, but let’s be honest; most people usually never get back to it.

On the other hand, when a letter arrives, you might open it at the kitchen table and read it while having a glass of wine or some cheese and crackers at the end of the day. People are likely to spend more time with a physical letter, where an email is fleeting and easy to ignore.

I absolutely recommend putting in the extra effort to send a snail mail letter if you want to get the results to help launch or build your business.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

1. Have you written your warm letter? If not, write it this week.

2. Better yet, have you mailed it? It’s never too late to send your first warm letter letting your network of contacts know what you are doing and how they can help.

3. Or, if you have already sent your first letter, update it and send another round to stay top-of-mind.

You never know who your contacts might meet that could take advantage of your services.

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