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Why Tiger Woods Makes Me Look Good

tiger-woodsI’m going to get on my soapbox for a minute. I hope you don’t mind…

I’ve been watching this Tiger Woods thing unfold over the last couple of weeks, right on the heels of the David Letterman thing, and I always find it interesting to watch how often celebrities and politicians do things out of integrity, and then seem shocked that they got caught.

Obviously, absolute power does seem to corrupt absolutely. It seems to corrupt their logical mind, mostly. The thing that sometimes makes me shake my head in wonder is, “Don’t these people think that, one day, after so many indiscretions, they’d be found out? ESPECIALLY since they’re famous, in a country that both craves fame and at the same time wants to take someone down from their pedestal at the first misstep?”

Whether it’s an affair or multiple affairs, an intimate video, anything, it would seem logical to me that, one day, someone would tell on them, especially because there could be lots of money or even 15-minutes-of-fame involved for them. You may be wondering how this relates to your business and to The Leveraged Business… It relates because it’s about your reputation in the marketplace. If you don’t have that, other than your list, you don’t have much. The bottom line is, you’ve got to keep your nose clean in doing business, do the right thing, because you create your reputation in every decision you make.

One of the best things I ever read, and unfortunately, I don’t remember if it came from a book, a seminar or a fortune cookie, was about Integrity. I think it read something like: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one’s watching.” Reading that truly changed my life, in one instant, and I actually think about this each and every day, in everything I do. Perhaps like you, I didn’t always act with integrity. I had some indiscretions myself, in different areas of my life. Nothing major, and I’m not saying that anyone is 100% in integrity, but I sure try. Why? Because if you don’t have integrity, what do you have? Having integrity in your business relates very much to authenticity and transparency.

One of the things that I hear most from my Platinum Mastermind clients is that they really admire how transparent I am with them. I pull the curtain to the side and let them see that it’s not all smoke and mirrors. Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I have doubts and fears about moving to the next level in my business, the way everyone does, but I am vulnerable and transparent enough to admit it and therefore set an example for them (so they tell me) that you CAN be really authentic, vulnerable, and transparent, while being highly successful.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of people in business showing a nice exterior, while inside there’s a lot of stuff they’re not upfront about. At the same time, integrity in business is giving your clients high-value, high-content, as often as possible. When you hold a teleclass, even if you’re pitching something at the end, give really good content, stuff they can walk away with even if they don’t buy.

If you’re writing a book, don’t make it all fluff. People are going to be investing HOURS in reading your book. Make it high content, actionable content. That’s the way to get word-of-mouth viral marketing. When you’re hosting a seminar or workshop, give them SO much value in the first day that they feel like they’ve already gotten their money’s worth. Then the rest of the two days, keep giving them great content, and at that point, they’ll rave and rave about you to everyone they know. Why? Because people are really cynical these days.

You can tell folks you’re hosting a life-changing workshop, that their business and income will be transformed once they attend and implement the information, and yet they won’t necessarily believe you because EVERYONE says that! They only way to combat that is to be in integrity and to GIVE great content. Teach, but then give specific examples, give lots of examples, those from your own experience and from those of your clients. Let them model those examples. If they’ve paid good money to attend, if they’ve flown themselves out and put themselves up in a hotel, show them not just the HOW, but the EXACTLY HOW. That’s what they pay for and that’s what they should get. It’s called integrity.

That’s what I’m proud of doing at my MMBW (Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs Workshop.) Every year and without fail, as I walk off the stage after 3 full days of high-content, high-value, to give hugs to some of the attendees, I’m always swarmed with folks who, with tears in their eyes, say to me, “Fabienne, I got SO much more value in the first day, the first HOUR, than I thought I would get the entire 3 days. Thank you for changing my life. Thanks for being so authentic, so vulnerable and showing me how it can be done. This is the best thing I’ve ever gone to.” And you know what? That always brings tears to my eyes, every time, because I’ve been placed on this earth to make a lasting difference, to be a catalyst in people’s lives and to help people become successful in business and in life. And nothing fills my heart more than hearing the phenomenal success stories from MMBW attendees, weeks and months after attending the event. I can never describe to you how much it fills my heart and brings me to my knees with gratitude.

That said, I could tell you how life-changing the MMBW 2010 will be for you, but you might be cynical. And yet I want you to be there, because I know, deep in my heart, that if you have a big purpose in this world, and you want to help many, many people on this earth through your business, like I do, and want to be handsomely rewarded for it financially, then you’ve got to be at MMBW. It’s everything you need (the compelling marketing, the systems, the business models, the passive and leveraged income, and most especially, the mindset for success.)

Until tonight, you can watch a few videos on the workshop info-page, and then take advantage of my pre-registration tuition ($2,000 off), but only until tonight (Sunday December 20th.) After that, we go retail: http://www.ClientAttractionWorkshop.com (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) See you in Los Angeles this April. It’s going to be life-changing, I promise.

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