Why it’s better to have one niche vs. two

Are you struggling with picking a single niche and considering going for two (or more) targets? This is a common problem my clients come to me with. If you’ve read the Client Attraction Home Study System and have gone through the worksheets, you’ll see that I don’t recommend having more than one niche. Why? Because having one target audience to focus on makes everything that much simpler.

Think about it.

For example, at a networking event, you‘ll need to hand out two cards and that leaves people confused about where to put you and who you serve. Rather than make your life hard, I suggest you look at both niches and think about which one fits with who you are and connects to your passion.

Another way to look at this is if the niches are related. Let’s say you want to talk to 1) mothers who have teenage girls, regarding their relationships and 2) teenage girls. When reaching out to teenage girls, your target truly is still the mothers. If you look at it this way, you’ll want to market to mothers of teenage girls and talk about relationships. Then you can always offer something for their daughters without having to recreate an entire secondary marketing plan.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

If you are trying to decide between more than one niche, take the time to flush out the aspects of working with each one.

Which niche:

  • Do you feel a strong connection to?
  • Makes you smile?
  • Has plenty of prospects?
  • Has prospects you know how to find?
  • Has a problem you can relate to?
  • Is where you have the most experience?
  • Fits with your compelling story?
  • Can you get started working with right now?
  • Comes first, if they are related?
  • Can you commit to right now?

Re-evaluating your options in this way will help you get clear on which niche has the most to offer you and which is where you have the most to give.

Now, if you’re just starting out and trying to fill your practice in the FIRST place, then follow a step-by-step system that feels easy and authentic to you. The Client Attraction Home Study System™ gives you the most important things to do to set up simple, solid systems, so that you consistently fill your pipeline and continually get new clients. It’s all step-by-step, not a big mishmash of things. So, you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. All the tools, scripts, templates, and examples are handed to you on a silver platter. Easy. You can get it at TheClientAttractionSystem.com.

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