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Why is My Income Inconsistent?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why is my income inconsistent? I’m good at what I do, so what’s happening?”

I spoke to a woman recently who, for all intents and purposes is successful in her business, but she feels unsettled with the consistency in her monthly income.

She shared this with me, “I make good money, sometimes 8,000 a month, sometimes 10,000 a month, which is great, but sometimes it dips down to three or 4,000 a month, and that feels really unsettling, like I can’t trust it. I want to get my business to multiple 6-figures to feel financially secure. How can I be more consistent with my revenues?”

After talking with her for a bit, I uncovered the cause of the financial inconsistency:

She was inconsistent, not just in her marketing, but also with her follow up. There were no systems she could leverage to turn prospects into paying clients, so she felt overwhelmed and didn’t do any of it.

Here’s what I mean… When she needed more clients, she would market, market, market to generate leads, and attract more clients. Whew.

But then, she would stop marketing altogether because of the fear of being overwhelmed by having too many clients. Eventually, the clients would complete their work with her, and then she found herself without enough clients, and she would start the frenzied activities of marketing, marketing, marketing again.

But sometimes, the rush of new clients didn’t happen right away, which means her income would be inconsistent, until a few weeks or months later, new clients would come in and she would abruptly stop marketing. Without realizing what she was doing, she was experiencing an uneasy rollercoaster, a feast-or-famine in her revenues, even when she was already at six figures.

I explained this to her:

Consistency in marketing and consistency in follow up are absolutely crucial if you want to have consistency in how much you make.

When you’re overwhelmed in your business, it’s easy to want to push marketing to the back burner if the thought of doing it yourself feels like too much, especially when you think you can’t handle more clients or don’t have the bandwidth to follow up on the leads that you do have.

The best way to market and follow up? Create systems and processes that can happen without you being the one to generate them. At the same time, leverage your business model so that you are no longer responsible for your clients’ results, your systems and processes are.

This is what will get your business to grow exponentially like these women experience, and what will make your income grow, and always be consistent.

This is what we do in our signature program. We accompany women who are overwhelmed at 6-figures and help them elegantly leverage every aspect of their business so they scale to multiple 6-figures, while working less, and eventually reach the previously unimaginable 7-figure mark, with many many weeks of unplugged vacations per year.

Perhaps you’re curious as to what that might look like or whether that would even be possible for you and your business. Let’s chat and discuss it. Let’s grab 30 minutes to connect here.

I offer an exploratory session where we listen deeply to what your current situation looks like, what’s not working, where you ideally want to be in your business and help you map out a plan to get there. And we seem to be a right fit for each other, we can also talk about what it would look like to accompany you on the path that so many wonderful women have walked to leverage their own business.

If that sounds supportive to you, schedule a call today.

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