Why I don’t get nervous speaking in front of 7,000 people

Today, we’re talking about all the ways that we hold ourselves back. And I want to share a video with you about the number one fear in America…

It’s not death and end of life.

The biggest fear for most people is actually public speaking.

Watch my guest overcome her fear when I invited her to the stage at last year’s Mindset Retreat:

If you’re anything like this lovely woman, maybe your voice trembles and your heart beats really fast as soon as you’re in front of people and there’s a microphone in your hand.

Listen, I know how it feels. I used to get nervous, too. 

My first talk was six people in my living room. That’s about as comfortable as I felt and then it just grew and grew and grew with practice.

You see, when we get nervous on stage it’s because we’re thinking about ourselves. We’re thinking, what will people think of me? What if I make a fool of myself? 


You have to remove yourself from the equation.

You have to realize on a deep level that you are there to serve other people.

I’ve now spoken in front of two audiences of 7,000 people and I want to share my trick with you for making it feel okay, so you can get your message to the masses, too.

Before I go on stage, I say to myself, 

“I am here to serve. This is NOT about Fabienne Fredrickson. I am here to give give give give give, because I have a message to share. I am here to help people fulfill their greatest potential and become the greatest version of who they can be.”

And the truth is that this shift in mindset doesn’t just apply to public speaking. It goes for any and all the ways that you might be holding yourself back in your business.

Now, listen. 

I want you to take a moment to really reflect on the ways that you might be holding yourself back from exponential growth and impact in your business.

Maybe it’s public speaking.
Maybe it’s hiring someone.
Maybe it’s investing in yourself.

Make a list of all the ways. (No judgment, only love.)

Now I want you to think about what it’s really going to take to get you to break through.

As you saw in the video, I got someone who is terrified of public speaking to rather confidently do something she had been completely unwilling to do in the past.

I broke down her resistance to the thing she feared. And then she was fine. 


Because sometimes it takes someone special to stretch us. 

To give us a bigger mindset. 

To give us a loving kick in the tush.

To hold our hand and jump off the cliff with us.

To encourage us to be brave and go places we wouldn’t go on our own.

I’ve had many of these kinds of people in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.

Sweet friend, will you let me be that someone special for you?

Let’s chat and explore working together OK?

Let’s see where you’re getting stuck in getting more traction in your business and let’s map out a plan for working together to get you big new results. 

I believe in you (deeply),

You can schedule your free strategy call here.

P.S. If you know that you need support to get you out of your own way and reach your biggest goals, let’s explore what it would be like to work together.

It’s free, and you’ve got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. 

Go for it. xo

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