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Why getting your business to new levels requires courage

Getting your business to new levels requires courage. It requires digging deep, making changes, and investing in yourself. And sometimes you feel like you’re in over your head.

That’s why getting your business to new levels takes courage. You’ll need to face that feeling of being in over your head, of imposter syndrome, of self-doubt and have faith to move forward anyway.

How do you have the courage to do what it takes to move to the next level? Well, I’ll share with you what I have done and shared with thousands of people how to do it.

Watch this video to learn how to release your courage:

Faithfully getting your business to new levels

Courage is based on faith. Faith. Not necessarily religious faith, but faith that it will work out. We often talk of having blind faith as though it’s a bad thing, but we hold on to blind fear without question.

How do you have that blind faith in your business success? 

One of the easiest ways to do it is to find the evidence. Finding the evidence means looking to see how other people have done it. 

Have other people gotten their business to seven figures with three little kids at home? Yes.

Have other people added $100,000 to their revenue in one year? Yes.

Have other people taken their business from $13,000 a year to 1 million+ in under 24 months? Yes.

Find the evidence that it exists and you’ll have more belief. Belief is faith. When you can find the evidence that it can be done, there’s a part of you that starts believing. And faith is really just believing in something you can’t see yet.

So when you find the evidence that others have done it and you begin to believe that allows you to have faith, and in faith you become so much more courageous. 

Often I send people to my website, even if they never end up working with me. I say, go look at all the success stories

Go look at the hundreds of videos of women who have gotten to six figures, multiple six figures, seven figures as a result of making these changes. 

Just start to expand your belief around what’s possible for you. 

Watch the success stories of others, read the books of people who are already there, and begin to cultivate that self-belief that you can do it too. 

From that place, you’re going to be bolder, you’re going to be more fearless, you’re going to be more courageous. And when you’re more courageous, that’s when you make the moves that astound all others and get you to your next big level. 

Today, will you start that journey of blind faith in your own success? Choose three success stories to watch to inspire you in getting your business to new levels.

New Level, New Devil

One of my most shared phrases across all our members is;

“new levels require overcoming new devils.”

At each level of your business, there is a new ‘something’ to overcome. 

When you’re starting out that’s usually around the practical aspects of getting clients, marketing, websites and creating content. 

As you grow towards 6 figures it’s about overcoming the overwhelm and learning how to expand the team so you can get your time back. 

For 7 figure business owners it’s understanding how to step into the mindset of a CEO and creating a delicious life that you love.

Each new level requires you to outgrow the last. It requires courage for you to dream bigger, believe in more and believe it’s possible for you. 

Getting your business to new levels requires courage every time.

Empowering your path to greatness,

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