Why fit in when you were meant to stand out

We all want to belong.

In fact, it’s a core human need. But when you aspire to create an extraordinary business and life, your need to belong can actually become a huge detriment to your success. Because “fitting in” means sticking to the status quo.

It means accepting ordinary. But here’s the rub…

We are Boldhearts. By definition, we are not going to be ok with living a vanilla life.

So how do we overcome this very strong desire to stay with the pack, even if it means wearing ugly shoes?? (You’ll understand this when you watch this week’s video.)

What if we didn’t need to overcome it? You see, dear one, there is another way.

Watch this to learn how to be ok with not fitting in:

Humans require connection.

There are a few people (enlightened masters perhaps?) who can find contentment sitting alone cross-legged on a mountaintop, but most of us live to belong.

So rather than fight this…what if you accept it?

You must simply become more discerning in who and what you belong to.
Find yourself a tribe of other black sheep.

Surround yourself with other people who believe that we all have the ability to dream, stretch, grow, create, manifest, excel and impact others’ lives.

If you want to grow, remove yourself from an environment that celebrates the victim mindset, bitterness and cynicism, resignation. Even if it’s just with your energy (because let’s be honest… sometimes it’s Uncle Joe who embodies all that negativity).

Fill your cup with a tribe of positivity, non-judgment and love.

Whether it’s here at Boldheart Business (we have been waiting for you) or somewhere else.

You are human. Connection matters.

Fit in, by all means. Simply fit in with others who are just like you.

Much love,

P.S. I have to say that this tribe…our tribe of Boldhearts…is extraordinary. Many of us were together over the last two weeks for various meetings. I was told over and over by our members that they were so incredibly grateful to have found what feels like home. That THIS community is what is accelerating their results and income like crazy. There were tears of joy and laughter…but most of all, there was genuine acceptance, no judgment, no competition and lots and lots of love.

If you’d like to explore joining this tribe, see if you qualify for a session with one of our awesome strategy coaches. Click here to find out and let’s talk.

Perhaps we are the people you are looking for.


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