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Why fear isn’t real

We’re going to talk about fears in today’s new video.

(Yay…favorite topic for a lot of people.)

So why are we talking about fears when it comes to your business? 

Well, I believe deeply that for you to get to the next level in your business, you have to say yes to the opportunities that are right in front of you. 

Whether you want more clients, to make more in your business, to reach more people or scale your business, your next level always starts by saying YES. 

YES to the things that are right under your nose, whether that’s a book you need to write, a book you need to read, raising your rates, changing your business model, a new collaboration that’s trying to come into your life or the mentorship you absolutely need to get “there”, whatever “there” means for you. 

The problem is that, when presented with these divinely brought opportunities…most people say no. 

Wait. WHAT? Why wouldn’t you say yes? 

As always, there’s something lurking under the surface, deep in the subconscious, that’s holding you back. Here’s exactly what I mean (watch this):

Maybe you have a fear of success.

A fear of failure, a fear of overwhelm, a fear of visibility.

A fear of being found out as a fraud or an imposter. 

A fear of not being good enough to fulfill the task at hand. 

A fear of not being able to produce enough money to make it happen. 

A fear of not being disciplined enough to follow through with the idea to completion.

A fear of not being able to handle the success or the money once it comes.

And the list of fears just goes on and on and on and on, right? 

All of those fears feel real.

They feel real, but they’re not (which is the problem).

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel fear once in a while. But when I realize what I’m feeling, I can catch myself and say:

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, this isn’t actually real. The fear that you’re feeling is just a projection of a future possibility that hasn’t happened yet.”

The thing I want you to get is that, yes, that projected future outcome you’re worried about is indeed a possibility, but not a probability or a certainty.

No matter how much we might think the worst-case scenario is going to happen, there’s actually a high likelihood that it won’t, if we take the right actions to prevent it. If we get the right help.

Once I realized this, I started to ask myself, “Why am I stopping myself from saying yes to opportunities that are going to get me exactly where I wish to go?”

And so I started saying YES to opportunities, especially when they come outside my comfort zone…and let’s just say that it’s worked very well for me over the years.

(And for members of the Boldheart Business program, too.)

Another big realization moment for me around this happened when I was reading A Course In Miracles many years ago. 

The book talks about how there is no such thing as the past, and there’s no such thing as the future. The only thing that exists is now.

And so if fear is happening around something that you’re projecting in the future…then really there is no fear

Now, I want you to think of a golden opportunity in your life that you’ve said no to.

(Fear of spending money on something you want or need, fear of criticism, of humiliation, failure…you name it.)

And now, I want you to write down all the fears that have prevented you from saying “yes” to this thing. Because once you identify the fears, you can decide to take action in spite of them

That’s what successful people do. 

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself at one time or another, “Oh, THEY can do it, but I can’t.” 

It’s not true, you can do it too. They’ve just said yes, despite their fears. 

And now, it’s your turn. 

It’s time to say yes to the golden opportunities right under your nose. It’s time to say yes to your success, and getting to the next level of impact and income in your business.

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