Which of these four are you?

I have a very simple, very powerful assignment for you today. All it requires is that you be honest with yourself and be open to considering a new possibility.

You in? :)

Whether we love it or avoid it with a ten-foot pole, sales is integral to business success. That won’t change. Regardless of what you sell, how you sell it, how much you love it, or how much you detest it, sales is the thing.

In this week’s video, I’d love to offer you some insight and virtual coaching around identifying where you fall on this spectrum, so that you can understand yourself better, and more importantly, become aware of some shifts that could make your business a whole lot better.

Watch it now:

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but I once made a video that was a love letter to marketing. This is a love letter to sales.

If there was one gift I could bestow upon you, it would be the gift of confidence, joy and empowerment in your sales efforts. In fact, it would be that you not see sales as an effort at all, but as an act of divine grace.

When you’re great at sales, you never have to worry again. You could lose everything, your entire business, and be just fine.

Because with no website, no brand, no funnel, sales page, or Facebook ad, you could still go out into the world and make money.

Sales is a virtual A.T.M. to universal abundance.
Sales is the greatest act of service that you can perform.
Sales is how another human being goes from wanting to having.

Do you see why even if you’re already good at sales, you must commit to getting better??

And why if you think you’re someone who will never, ever, ever excel at sales, it might be worth giving it a chance (perhaps in a different way than you’ve been taught before).

This is important.

What if this were the thing that let all of the other things you’ve been trying…work?

Hear me. Pretend I am sitting right across the table from you. Right now. I am looking you right in the eyes.

It. Is.

It is.

It is!!!

And I’ve got you. Because I am going to be sharing details next week on a brand new free training with a very different conversation about sales. We are opening registration on Tuesday and I want you to be there.

So, how good are you at selling? How are your results?

Regardless of where you put yourself when you take the simple (and powerful) self-assessment that is your assignment in this week’s video, what I am going to share with you in the free training I’ll be teaching soon will change your business…and the way you do business.

I’ll be back with more soon,

P.S. Remember…no judgment. Just notice. Notice where you are… Notice how you feel… Kind of like you’re observing yourself, instead of being yourself…if that makes any sense. ;)

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