What you can do now to increase your cash flow

I recently spoke with a new student about his business. Prior to joining our Business School, John experienced a tremendous decrease in revenue.

Despite putting his best face forward, he was stressed and not taking a salary.

He was worried – as anyone would be – about how to rebuild and get his cash flow back to where it used to be.

After listening to him and learning more about his business, I realized that his cash flow situation is actually really common among entrepreneurs at all levels, one that most business owners and entrepreneurs have dealt with at one time or another.

How do you increase your cash flow now?? Today I’d like to share with you John’s story and the solution I gave him to inject a business with cash, now. Here it is:

There are many reasons for a reduction in cash. John’s revenue decreased because he, for lack of a better term, had put all of his eggs in one basket by putting his major focus on just one big client. And when that happens, when one of your clients provides you with the bulk of your business’ income, losing them, or having them greatly reduce their contract, means trouble.

For some, it can even mean crisis.

Unless, you have a plan!

In today’s short five-minute video, I show you how to quickly recoup your cash flow, no matter if you’re making $8,000, $80,000 or $800,000 a year.

Once you’ve watched the video, my question for you today is: what will you do more of that worked to initially land your best clients and what will you stop doing right now to make room for increasing your cash flow?

I can’t wait to read your comments below.

Sending you lots of love,

P.S. Didn’t want to say goodbye for today without thanking you for all the well wishes on my TEDx Talk last week! I was overwhelmed with your love and support. The video of my 18-minute session on Activating Your Potential for Greatness isn’t up on TED.com yet, but I promise to let you know the minute it is! Enjoy and have a great weekend! In the meantime, you can watch this video to help you get ahead in reaching your business potential.You rock. xoxo

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Comments 23

  1. I will put everything else on hold and develop my online course. I have no online product even though so many have asked me to do so. I will stop blogging and focus on an online course asap.

  2. What are some good things to do when one realizes that most of their best clients come from word of mouth/referrals by current or former clients?

    1. Keep the referral process going by asking your best clients to refer their colleagues. Referrals worked once; they can work again.

  3. Thank you for the valuable information. I have found that my most profitable way to increase my income is by hosting events. i will commit to hosting 4 events each month for six months and stop the activities that do not increase my income.

  4. Fabienne, may I take just a moment to tell you how fantabulous you and your team are??? I have finally manifested–with God’s help!!!–a job that will pay me enough in the New Year to begin the Client Attraction Business School Growth Track. Fabienne, this is the realization of a two and a half year dream!!! I watch you on video, and I get it. I saw you when you came to Long Beach and I got it. I’ve been hankering after the eight grand to enroll, and starting in January 2016, I will have enough for the monthly payments and I am thanking God every day. My strategy session with Jenn, who met me online when, is scheduled for TOMORROW, and I simply can’t wait!!! Linda Scott, Niki R. and Jenn worked very hard to listen, honor, and encourage me. Promote them please!!!

    And one little thing I noticed when I met you and your team and students in Long Beach? CABS students wear DIAMONDS. I have never seen so much sparkle in one room!!! That sold me though I was already chomping at the bit to enroll in the Growth Track.

    I will be radiating gloriously when I speak with Jenn tomorrow, and hope I meet whatever requirements there are for enrolling. Thank you for being your wonderful self, Fabienne, and for hiring the great people who work with you.

    1. I am so excited to hear you will be joining us!! It absolutely is a life changer and I am beyond thrilled that after so much hard work, you will be joining our program and reaping the benefits!!! So many exciting things to come :) xo

      1. Oh, Fabienne; am I one happy young woman!!!

        Jenn sent me a bunch of free resources and inspired me to get cracking on my “50 Ways” list. I am happy to report that a mere few hours later after spending the bulk of the day taking ACCESS to deliver paperwork to the District Office, that my list is D-O-N-E as well as first drafts of the other homework assigned by Jenn. Mindset really is the magic key. I am so excited!!!! I’m coming to Connecticut for December 4th come hell or high water!!!! Why? Because I deserve it and I don’t reward myself often enough or deeply enough for the hard work I do.

        Can you say “perfectionist”?


        Love to all gathered here,

        Dr. Ni

  5. Thanks for your ideas here Fabienne. I can completely relate to John – and whilst networking is what works for me – I have too many shiny objects that I sm tinkering with. I definitely find it hard to let go!

  6. Wow…thanks for this short video! A light bulb just went on and now I know how to go about getting clients back. I’ve been trying all these “new” idea’s from marketing “guru’s” with no luck, when in fact if I had stayed with what was working originally I’d still have clients! Thanks you so much Fabienne for all that you do. Much love!

  7. Great great strategy and one I teach my students as well in the Concierge Academy … whenever we need to bring in new clients always always go back to what naturally works for you/ fuels you… many times it’s about going “back to the basics”… XO

  8. Ok… Got this… Discipline and focus on what’s going to bring me income. Great message Fabienne. Merci!
    Funny thing is that most of my good clients find me, I don’t know where and how! I better ask them and do more of that!

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