What to do about fear

Doing big things in the world requires us to be BOLD. Consistently.

It may mean changing our business model to work with 200 clients at once (instead of only 20), increasing our visibility, getting on a much bigger stage, upping our prices, vulnerably sharing that which we have kept close to our heart (our life’s purpose) up until now.

Even if it’s about getting to the next level, exponential growth (the kind that increases your impact and revenues 2x or even 10x) requires a commitment to getting out there and taking risks in a way that always brings up fear.


If you’ve stopped yourself from growing in the past because of fear, this video is for you. I am here to show you how to make sure that fear doesn’t sabotage you. So you don’t retreat to the “old way” of doing things…so you can grow in all of the ways necessary to be the catalyst you were born to be and live the extraordinary life you deserve.

You will love this process for getting out of fear and into faith that all will be well. Watch this:

You may already know about my Marketing Pie™… It’s a tool I’ve used with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to help them focus on the activities that either pull their ideal clients or find them where they are already gathered in large groups by other people.

This is about the Faith Pie™.

You see, when fear creeps in (which it always does if you’re playing a big enough game, as does a Boldheart) you’ve got to arm yourself…mentally and spiritually…to stay in faith. Otherwise it doesn’t matter how many slices are in your marketing pie. They don’t get done.

The Faith Pie is the tool that you can use to support you to remember to bolster your own spirit and unwavering commitment to being bold…staying visible and taking it to the next level.

Remember what I said in today’s video about “scheduling your spirituality.” It makes all the difference in your stick-to-it-ive-ness.

Here’s to boldly growing while staying in faith,

P.S. Hey, do you often feel alone, questioning whether you can actually grow your business exponentially on your own? It’s normal to question whether this is possible. If this is you, watch this video invitation from me and let’s talk.

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You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Fabienne, love your presentation; love the way you communicate; a kind of balance of confidence (your own) and endowing confidence on others. Here’s the thing: all those items on the pie: I do that already: the meditation (prayer), exercise, dance, hiking, reading, listening to inspirational talks—I do all that and there’s no time left for my business! Let me say it differently; all those items on your pie are in my quality world.

  2. Thank you for all your inspiration on Fear.. I am applying it to my personal life which is upsidedown right now. Thank you.

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