What Sets YOU Apart?

We may have a different idea of service, a product that has more benefits, a specialty or niche that we know better than anyone else… Whatever sets you and your business apart from others is crucial for you to identify and communicate. Why? Imagine one of your potential clients looking through the phone book and seeing 65 listings and ads for your category. How would you stand out? What would make them call YOU as opposed to the next listing?

Your assignment:

Be able to clearly communicate what your Unique Selling Proposition (old marketing term) is “whenever” speaking to a potential client, referral partner or even a current client! Grab a pad of paper and take some time to think about what you offer as opposed to what your competitors offer and write this down. Then go out there and educate your environment on what makes you unique in your field!

Clients will pay attention to this…



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  1. Hi Fabienne,

    Thank you for always asking such great questions and getting us to think bigger! As a business owner for seven years now, this topic has certainly been on my mind, as I craft and re-craft, who I am as a Coach and how I best serve my clients.

    Just recently, I decided to list all my strengths on paper–all the ways that are unique to me and who I am. From there, I was able to more succinctly say why I was different and why I stood out. This was a springboard that really helped me get clear on my unique focus as a Coach!

    And just this exercise alone has prompted me to re-do my entire business website so that clients know ‘exactly’ what they will get from working with me and why they should hire me. :)

    Thank you for riding the journey alongside with us and encouraging us to be our best!

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