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What millionaire entrepreneurs have in common

millionaire entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, I spent four days and nights with information marketing millionaires at a summit and was astonished to hear many of them sharing the ONE secret of their seven-figure success. Want to know what it was?

Implementing new ideas quickly.

At first, it sounded so simple that I didn’t believe it fully. Could implementation (getting things done) be so profound that those who’ve REALLY succeeded at doing this quickly named it as their number one secret for fast success?

Apparently, yes.

Then I started thinking about my own journey since the same marketing summit a year before and realized I’d implemented a LOT of the ideas I’d heard. Here are some of them:

  • Set up a new website lead generation tool which converted about 36% of visitors.
  • Created a new program in which more than 100 clients received value from talking to me twice a month.
  • Created my first successful three-day workshop and filled it to capacity in less than six weeks, then subsequently filled an elite coaching group to capacity out of the workshop.

Wow, when looking back at the list, it seemed like a LOT. But in the end, all I’d really done was systematically and steadfastly implemented the new ideas I’d discovered.

Let me say that again: systematically and steadfastly.

This got me thinking: what’s keeping people from implementing, anyway? After some thought, I realized people don’t implement new ideas for several reasons:

  • They don’t organize the new information (hands up if you haven’t opened the notes from the last conference you attended).
  • They don’t have accountability systems in place.
  • Their focus is spread thinly over many projects, so nothing gets completed.
  • They don’t set completion deadlines.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no stranger to procrastination, and resistance. Being a rebel, I don’t like to be “told” what to do, even if it’s from my to-do list.

But have you ever noticed that the stress of NOT getting something important and revenue-generating done, is far worse than taking the time to complete it?

““The biggest difference between an average income and financial freedom is…IMPLEMENTATION.”
– Bill Glazer

So how can you implement more effectively?

Here’s the formula I’ve created and use daily, especially after returning from a high-content, multi-day conference with lots of brain candy in my head.


  • Transfer all your notes into a Projects Tracker in Excel (When the world was “normal”, I would do this on the plane ride home).
  • Label each of these by “category” (Example: all to-do items related to creating a Workshop-In-A-Box get labeled as such; Lead Generation items the same).
  • Create a Mind Map of all the different projects (for me, seeing this all on paper helps me focus on what is most important).
  • Once the steps are “mind-mapped”, select three that you will work on over the next 120 days (4 months) and set a deadline. I chose three goals based on their return on investment of time, energy and money, as well as how quickly and effortlessly they can be accomplished.


  • Choose which tasks will be delegated to your team or outsourced and note this on your Projects Tracker. Start delegating and implementing.
  • Make time in your calendar each day to work on the tasks that are yours, TO COMPLETION.

The key is SPEED of implementation.

Getting things done is good, yes, and yet if you can implement QUICKLY, you will see returns on investment, especially financially, much faster.

In essence, nothing should be more important than implementation.

Now, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that, for most entrepreneurs, it is easier for us to START things than to complete them, simply because we are high idea generators who aren’t always great at finishing things or following through to completion.

That is why you may need some structure for your nature. This is what we provide in the Boldheart Business program. Not just the strategy and guidance, but the structure and accountability entrepreneurs need to get things done quickly.

If you’re an achiever who has found it challenging in the past to implement the things you know you need to do, and you know that having more systems and accountability would do you a world of good and move the needle in your business, let’s talk asap to explore working together. This kind of structure is what you need.

Book a free call with one of my expert, heart-centred strategy coaches.

By the way, Implementation Sessions (designed to help you get it all done) are part of the Boldheart Business program, because I know how tough it can be to try to do it all on your own in such a distractible world.

My team and I are here to support you, so go ahead and reach out to us today for that free chat.


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