What is your personal brand?

You may not realize it, but people don’t just work with you because of your splashy (or not) business brand.

Many, actually most, will actually hire you or buy your products because of how you show up in the world, meaning, what you stand for and who you are as a person. That’s called your personal brand and it’s where the big bucks are.

Do you know what yours is yet? How are you strategically using it online? This new 4-minute content video I put on my blog will show you how to craft yours authentically:

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  1. Oh Fabienne! You nailed it with “Authenticity.” That is truly the key in real life connections, particularly with the exposure that is a byproduct of social media. Under the spotlight, any incongruencies are made apparent, quickly.
    When your values meet my values in an authentic connection, then we are an ideal client/coach or friend/friend match. Otherwise, the antennae goes off and there is no connection.
    We humans can spot a “salesperson” a mile away, provided our antennae is clean…. And no one likes to be “sold.”
    Authentic connections are powerful energetically. They are the truest roots of building all relationships, whether personal or business.

  2. Great timing, Fabienne! Recently, I have been reading about this very concept – the author called it, “Attractive Character”. I noticed that if I try to define how I should show up (i.e., to be more memorable and likeable) it feels inauthentic and like a popularity contest, as I compare myself to other major video bloggers. I’ve gotten over my fears of being on camera, but still have some work to do on creating a personal brand.

  3. Tom Peters once defined your personal brand as your promise to the marketplace and to the world. I always loved that definition because it shows how you, as an entrepreneur, impact the world with your gifts (just like you do every day, Fabienne!). xoxo

  4. Hi Fabienne
    I loved your topic this week!
    I am known for being dependable, for seeing projects through to completion. I am committed to my community heart and soul. I stand for my client and potential client’s success and will be with them on their journey to successfully reach their health and vitality goals.

  5. Fabienne, I’m with you a hundred percent! My personal brand defines and flows into my business at all times. Authenticity and Excellence at core. I find you bring who you are as a person into your business, one cannot separate the two.

  6. This is perfect timing for me too. I realize I’ve been stuck on coming up with the “right” title for myself, the “right” logo, but haven’t focused on who I am, what I bring to people and how I want people to perceive me. Being authentic – warts and all – is key. Can’t allow perfectionism to get in the/my way. Thanks as always Fabienne for setting us straight!

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