What if your business actually ran itself?

If you’re hearing from me for the first time, perhaps you’ve not yet heard me talk about the importance of creating a ‘process-driven company’.

It’s a mindset shift I teach in our signature program that gets you to a million. And it’s all about having a business that relies on repeatable systems instead of individuals (or on you), so that your business runs smoothly with or without you there. This is also the process that gives you FREEDOM.

Cultivating this attitude of being ‘process-driven’ is key to having a business that runs itself and can even scale without you having to be involved in everything.

And when you follow our recipe (like these entrepreneurs who changed their lives with us), your business can both manage itself AND grow, without you having to be there at all.


Of course, you’ll first want to have at least an outline of your systems and perhaps the beginnings of an operations manual. Next, you’ll bring everybody into the culture of, “We are a process-driven company.”

To do that, your next steps toward a self-managing business are:

1. Automating your processes and systems with technology and other tools
2. Empowering your team to use, own and update these processes and systems

We want to automate the execution of systems so that they recur without prompting and without you. This keeps you from being interrupted or becoming the bottleneck in all the different processes, which means that you can really step into the ‘visionary entrepreneur’ role in your business, as opposed to being the ‘doer’.

So where do you start, and what do you do?

It’s important to remember that you will work with your team, and that you yourself will not be documenting everything. They’re there to help you, even if you’re starting from scratch with figuring out what systems you need and what they will look like.

Start by strategizing with your team on how to automate the systems they use each day. Get them involved in what needs to be documented and automated.

Once you have some guidelines around “How we do things around here,” empower your people to own their processes without having to check with you on everything that happens.

For example, when a new order comes in, they can follow general principles and steps of how you want things done, making notes, tweaks, bringing fresh ideas on how to improve, keeping all of their processes documented as they go. This way, they own the process with care, almost like they’re running their own business within your business.

Of course, let your team know not to go and create different processes without checking with you. But if you’ve got all the systems, checklists and processes written out and documented, they don’t need to check with you.

Once you’ve got these things in place, you will have successfully automated and empowered your team to make things happen without you. This is how you regain your freedom.

Meanwhile, your team keeps adding and perfecting the operations manual, a living breathing document that may just be updated every day or even every week.

The clearer and more consistent your systems are recorded and followed, the smoother your business will run. And that means more freedom and peace of mind for you.

If you’re not sure how to do this on your own, just know that this is normal. If you wish to make the shift to being a process-driven company and get your freedom back, but the process of putting systems into place with a team feels overwhelming, confusing, or you’re unsure how something like this applies to your business, it’s OK. We are here to help.

This is exactly what we help all kinds of business owners with, in our signature program, to guide you to scale your business from 10K to 20K, 50K or 100K a month, while removing you from the day-to-day so you gain your evenings, weekends and freedom back.

Book a time for us to talk now rather than later. We are standing by to hear about your current situation and generously help you map out a plan to get you back in control of your business and help you scale it.

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