A before-and-after story you’ll love ;)

This week’s story is miraculous.

…and it’s also rather commonplace from where I stand. (I’m not trying to seem blasé in any way; it’s just become our new normal within our tribe.)

And so this week, I’d like for you to meet Laverne.

As you’ll see in today’s inspirational video, Laverne is a different type of Jury Consultant. She thought she couldn’t do marketing to increase her business (because that’s not what people do in her field) and certainly not with video.

Until, we took a stand for her at our Growth Track meeting. And boy, did she wow us at the following meeting!

You gotta watch this incredible transformation (she even looks different just a few weeks later, giggling and embracing that she is now an industry transformer!):

(In June of this year she had no idea how to communicate why people should work with her. And at the 2:58 mark, you’ll see that she sure does now.)

So, just how does someone go from “last ditch effort” to making more than $30,000 in one month, just 120 days later?

What I’ve learned about the heart-based entrepreneurs who hang out with us and consistently move to the next level, every 90 or 120 days, is that it’s not just about what we teach them from the stage or in the modules…

it’s our tribe of other caring entrepreneurs who will look at you, hug you, believe in your potential and hold you accountable to reaching your goals and bigger future, with love.

This is a place where advancing entrepreneurs come to enrich their businesses and their lives…and, it takes a village.

So while this is a short video (only 8 minutes), it showcases EXACTLY what happens for our members during our quarterly meetings. Watch it here to get inspired for 2016.

You’ll hear where she started.

You’ll experience the love that she receives…not just from me, but from her peers.

You’ll feel the palpable shift in her confidence, energy and yes, RESULTS…in just four months.

This week’s video captures the essence of what we do here.

And by watching it, it is my belief that you’ll start believing that everything can change for you in a heartbeat, the minute you commit to being helped by others.

With so much love,

p.s.We’ve got an epic strategy, hugs, accountability and unconditional love waiting for you on the inside. If you’re inspired (and I hope you are) then let’s see if you qualify for a no-charge Strategy Call with one of our Coaches to map out what 2016 can look like for you.

If this is possible for Laverne, it is absolutely possible for you. xoxo

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Fabienne and Staff:

    Thank you. Thank you from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart.


    Because you showed me something that I do not see often enough in this “land of the free.”

    A professional Black woman transformed by people who love, care about, and sustain her.

    Thank you, Fabienne and Staff.

    I know that I do not need to educate you about the struggles of people of African descent in this country. So many say they “don’t see color,” but there are enough forces in our society that see nothing but, and these are forces that HAVE THE POWER to affect life chances for those of African descent.

    That is, in fact, the definition of racism/prejudice as stated by a great African American civil rights activist: “Not just discriminating against members of a certain group, but HAVING THE POWER to AFFECT THEIR LIFE CHANCES within a country, civilization, or nation.”

    That is why those of us who are people of color persist in requiring justice and unbiased coverage of what happens to our brothers, sisters, parents, second cousins twice removed. Certain folks might not see color, but those that do have the power to inhibit the survival of we with skin not necessarily white, pink, or reddish.

    Thank you, Fabienne and Staff, for understanding our need to see you and your students loving a person of color and sharing with us her transformation.

    One thing that bothered me though; the coverage was a bit instructive, something I have not seen in other videos you have shared about successful CABS students. I don’t recollect you “limiting” others to a quarter of a million in a year or so. That could be my perception, yet know that I speak from years of viewing biased coverage/representation of people of African descent in all forms of media.

    Yet and still I can’t say thank you enough for showing the love CABS students have for each other and for a person of color. January 4th, 2016, my CABS enrollment date, will not get here fast enough!!!!

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

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