Welcome home.

Let’s be honest, left to our own devices, most of us business owners will procrastinate, get in our own way and second-guess our way out of the best potential business in the world.

It’s how we’re wired

…we love to start new things, but not necessarily finish them. Deadlines, schmeadlines! (You know what I mean, right??) ;)

So, despite this, how do some business owners get more done and double their income every year?

In this week’s short video, be inspired to follow Jeanne’s advice:

I hear, time and time again, that what makes our process so powerful is not just that it’s great knowledge about growing your business consistently…

…it’s about the community that backs it up and keeps you (lovingly) accountable to do what you say you want to do.

It’s a community of friends who will keep you honest and give you a loving kick in the pants when you need it most, as you will for them.

Students succeed here because they don’t have to go it alone.

This is so truly refreshing and energizing.

Imagine what would happen if you didn’t have to do it alone.

Imagine that you were given the step-by-step process that works every time and that you were then helped by coaches and other entrepreneurial friends to be your best self, to do what you said you were going to do, to feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

And what if that training and accountability paid for itself, in the form of new clients and increased sales?

What would happen to your business to your income, to your life? Think about that.

If you haven’t realized this yet, there’s a lot that is special about our Business School. That’s because it’s not your father’s business school.

When you get your hands on the exact steps we share with you, you then have everything here to take your business from where you are now to (well, depending on where you are now) six figures, multiple six figures, seven figures, then multiple seven figures.

From our coaches (yes, every student here has a one-on-one coach who cares deeply) to our community, our energizing in-person meetings, to our crazy-generous Facebook group of people who love to share their resources…when you are a student at CABS you are literally never alone.

Which means that you get farther faster in your business than if you keep telling yourself you can figure this out on your own. (I used to tell myself that too…so, I know!)

If you’re ready to forge a new path, follow a proven system and join an epic community of other business owners doing the same, we are here. We’ve been waiting for you.

I know it can feel like a big leap, but you don’t have to commit to it yet. Let’s just see if it’s a fit first.

You can fill out a short form here to apply for a free call with one of our Strategy Coaches. People rave about how incredibly helpful (and no pressure) these calls are.

(They’ve already got your back and you don’t even know it yet.)

Then, if you like the idea of joining us, you’ll make that decision, not us. We’re just here to support you.

Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you,

P.S. Remember the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing, over and over and expecting different results. If it’s not working on your own, it’s OK. Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re brilliant and you’re one of us. Let’s do it together. It’s more fun that way. ;)


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