Want a rockstar team? (Do this.)

Hire a rockstar team

I believe that there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire with a great life. We all need support, especially to get out of the white-knuckling Control Enthusiast role in our business and into the Visionary role, where we belong. 
If you are still working all hours of the day and night, juggling the day-to-day in your business, doing things you hate to do, you’re probably stuck, exhausted and wondering why you even started your business in the first place. 

Not only will you not be able to grow or scale your business, you’re going to burn out this way. I’m sure that this isn’t what you envisioned for yourself when you became an entrepreneur…but I believe it is possible for you to live out your life’s purpose, while making very good money. 

To do the work you were truly meant to do, gain back your freedom and scale your business, you MUST get more (or better) help.

The first place to start is to take a look at what you have now and where things need to change, both internally and externally. So today, I’m going to ask you to evaluate the people who are currently supporting you in your life…not only at work, but also at home. 
Rate Your Support Team

  • Pull out your journal or a piece of blank paper and start by making two columns, titling one “WORK” and the other “HOME.”
  • In the WORK column, list all of the different areas of your business in which you are currently supported: customer service, sales, admin, printing, web technology, bookkeeping, accounting, etc.
  • In the HOME column, list all of the different areas of your personal life in which you are supported. Think housekeeper, nanny/babysitter, personal assistant, lawn care, legal, etc.
  • Next to each item, list the person’s name (if more than one, list them too) and how truly well supported you feel by them. Are they a rockstar? Are you somewhat underwhelmed by them? Or do they continually disappoint and frustrate you, where you feel forced to take back the reins or micromanage them? 

Perhaps in doing this exercise, you will discover that not everyone on your current support team is ideal. Maybe not even close to world-class. 

What inevitably happens is that this frustration will lead to a lack of trust and the people that are supporting you. That has you feeling trapped into either micro-managing the team, not fully letting go, or you end up doing things yourself. 

So it’s the lack of a great support team that is keeping you stuck in the business. 

We usually keep non-ideal people on our team because of limiting beliefs that we have or rules about when we can invest, or how much we can spend, or other fears that no longer serve us. And, we are usually unaware of these things that are getting in the way. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can indeed learn to hire (and delegate) in a world class way. 

If you need support in making the kinds of changes you now know you need to make, but aren’t sure how to do it, reach out to one of my rockstar coaches for a free exploratory call today. They’re here, waiting to meet you. 

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