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A video from my son Oliver

Success isn’t what you think, not even close.

Ask anyone who’s ever crossed the million-dollar mark for the first time (sorry to spoil it for you), and they’ll tell you the thrill of making 7 figures is not about the money. The money is the cherry on top.

Success is never about the end result…

…it’s about who you become in the process (how you GROW and become CONFIDENT) as a result of reaching something you once thought was impossible.

Just ask my 7-year-old son Oliver (or better yet, watch this candid video instead, direct from my dining room):

(I tried to hold it together at the end of the video, but this mama melted into a puddle of proud tears instead.)

What does this have to do with you?

Well, Oliver, as well as my children Claire and Luc, taught me recently that success is not what we think.

Instead of it being about money, fame, a big house or anything else, success is much more simple than that.

Oliver feels successful because he has achieved something he 3 months ago felt was impossible to master: learning French in 90 days (even if he has a lot more to go). His confidence level as a result? Through the roof.

Boldheart Business member Jen feels successful because she achieved more than a half-million dollars in her business for the first time this year and is headed to 7 figures, but not necessarily because of the money. No, it’s because she attempted this worthwhile goal, while also preparing to run her very first New York City Marathon in November (which she ran beautifully). Oh, and moving too. And she did all of these successfully. Her confidence level as a result? Through the roof.

Dozens and dozens of our Growth Track members wrote and published a lead-generating book in less than 4 months this year. Most of them had never thought they would write a book to generate new clients quickly and certainly did not believe they would have it published in less than 120 days. They broke through to a new level of confidence as a result, feeling successful, getting clients and feeling empowered like never before. Their confidence level as a result? Through the roof.

Several other Boldheart members are claiming “7 in 17” (7 figures in 2017) and they’re going to do it together, like a fun game. Because they can. Knowing they’re not alone and they have the tools, the mindset, the accountability and supportive tribe to make it happen. Their confidence level as a result? Through the roof.

Again: Success is the positive achievement of things attempted.


Boldheart Business members are inspired to stretch themselves to do things they’ve never attempted before, first with mindset, then with bold action, personally and professionally.

What is your bold heart going to attempt this coming year?

Maybe it’s 7 in 2017 (hitting the million dollar mark) or writing a book of your very own. Maybe it’s getting 5 new clients in the first quarter, or joining Oliver in learning a brand new language.

Dream big. There’s no time like now to do so!

Many wishes for a joyful holiday! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in 2017!

Much love,

P.S. What I’ve learned is that it’s difficult to do it on your own, navigating by yourself. You need help doing it. Companionship. Direction. Accountability. And if you want our support, we are always here. Simply reach out to one of our coaches today.

P.P.S. This is my last email to you this year. I will be back to you in January with another awesome gift to help you massively grow your business and gain your life back, my treat. I can’t wait for you to see what 2017 has in store for you. And again, Happy Holidays… From all of the Fredricksons!

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