The dreaded Comparison Monster

Ah, the dreaded Comparison Monster!

Have you ever been frustrated that someone else in your field or niche is doing so much better than you, even though your stuff is just as good? Or maybe even better?

Believe me, I’ve been there. Ugh. I used to say to myself:

“Why is it that they are growing so much faster than me? Is something wrong with me?”

Until I figured out why they were doing better than me and started doing the same thing, as I talk about in today’s video. Watch it now:

Years and years ago, when I was ramping up my business, I would find myself in exactly this place. I’d go to a conference and see a colleague who’d experienced huge growth in their business, and I’d feel…

Defeated. Frustrated. And yes…a bit envious.

(To be honest, I knew that my content and service far exceeded hers or his.)

Have you experienced this too? It’s actually quite normal.

In today’s video I share exactly why it is that they have experienced growth when perhaps you haven’t, even though what you provide is really good.

It comes down to how you use your most precious resource: time.

Once I began to understand this, I stopped thinking that something was wrong with me, but rather, it was a choice that I could make. Which I did.

After all, you can’t create different results by continuing to do the same things.

Enjoy this week’s video, and then share this email with all your entrepreneurial friends so they can watch it too. We must stamp out this Comparison Monster, once and for all.

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi Fabienne, I love these Saturday chats. I also wanted to say, whatever you are doing with face/makeup looks fantastic! Of course, you always look beautiful, but since you moved to France, your face is even more youthful looking and fresh (doesn’t look like makeup at all). Gorgeous in a very natural way.

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