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Using the essence of who you REALLY are in your company culture

Imagine doubling, quadrupling, or even reaching ten times your current client base, impact, and revenues, but with your freedom back. 

You may not be able to see it yet, but here’s what you need to know: 

YOU can’t personally handle 10 to 100 times your current clients or customers alone, but with a few tweaks, your BUSINESS could handle that many clients

It’s about extending “who you are” into processes that have the “essence of you” and weaving these into all aspects of your business. 

That’s where Leverage comes in and it is a total game changer for those who want to make (at least) twice as much, working half the time. 

Watch this video to discover how to do it:

Picture this: every person, process, or program within your business becomes an extension of YOU (your values, beliefs, and what makes you unique). 

Imagine that every facet of your business acts as if YOU would, without you actually being in every facet of your business. 

That’s the power of a well-defined company culture that allows you to serve so many more people than you’re serving now. 

I know that, when you started your business, you never actually thought about the words “company culture”. Neither did I. 

But as you grow and want to work less while increasing your impact, this becomes a topic. 

With the right “culture” and processes to infuse “YOU” into every facet of your ideal client’s journey, you are liberated from having to be everything at all times. Your business becomes imprinted with your essence, and no longer requires you to do so much. 

Let’s dive deeper. 

Think about my business—every piece of it reflects me. 

Every process asks, “What would Fabienne do?” 

It’s rooted in authenticity, integrity, love, compassion, inclusion, and encouragement (because that’s who I am at the core of my personality). 

This essence became the culture of my company.

You have your own unique essence. What drives you? What values stir your soul? 

Identifying this forms the core of your brand, your culture. 

And once you grasp this, you can leverage it in ways you haven’t imagined, to scale your business and impact, while not having to work so much.

=> Imagine a sales process that reflects your kindness and authenticity

=> marketing that resonates with its encouraging tone

=> customer service rooted in your values. 

Your essence becomes the guiding light for your team, processes, and interactions.

I know it might seem overwhelming at first (yet another thing to work on), and yet working on leveraging your business in this way is absolutely transformative. 

It’s about doing less but better, leveraging your strengths, and aligning your business with who you truly are.

I hope you try this. 

I’ll be sharing the whole process on December 15th if you’re interested in joining me for an introductory hands-on workshop

I’m here when you need help,

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Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder of The Leveraged Business


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