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Use what you already have to build more confidence

There are times when you may feel your professional confidence wavering. This happens more often to people than you may think as a result of a move, a shift in your niche, networking with a new group and so on.

Clients have asked me how to shore up and strengthen their professional confidence, especially as it relates to being in the public eye. I can relate because when I was first starting out, I struggled with this myself. Here’s what I did to build my self-worth and confidence.

1. Start a “Kind Words” file

Any time a client sent me a really nice email, a testimonial or thank you note, I saved it in my “Kind Words” file. On rough days, when I was starting out and was questioning my self-worth and value and wondering why everything seemed so hard, I would read through the file. In fact, there was a time when I read the file on a daily basis to remind myself of the people who were getting results. This gave me confidence to move forward  to the next day.

2. Practice speaking in public

BNI is not only a great networking opportunity, but also a great place to practice your elevator pitch on a weekly basis. When I was first starting out, my face would get bright red so I looked like a lobster when I said my 30 second commercial. My heart would beat so fast I could hardly hear what I was saying and my hand shook so much I didn’t want to hold a glass of water fearing everyone would hear the ice clinking.

But each week at BNI, I had to get up again and again and I didn’t give up. Now I speak in front of 1,200 people and have my own three-day seminars. The more you do this, the better you get.

3. Talk about what you know in your heart

I have found that the times I’ve gotten really nervous speaking in public, I was more concerned with what other people were thinking about me than focusing on what I love to talk about. It’s marketing and mindset stuff.

So, if you feel yourself getting nervous, that’s the time to sink into your content. You know what you are doing and you are good at what you do. So sink into your content and own it. And, realistically, if “they” don’t like it, who cares? Practice talking about your topic and speak about what you know really well, and you will be alright.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

If nothing else, start your “Kind Words” file the next time you get a nice note from a client. Look back in your email files as well to see if there are any additional kind words. Start building your file and reviewing it to strengthen your professional confidence and remind yourself of the difference you are making in people’s lives.

Now, if you’re just starting out and trying to fill your practice in the FIRST place, then follow a step-by-step system that feels easy and authentic to you. The Leveraged Business Home Study System™ gives you the most important things to do to set up simple, solid systems, so that you consistently fill your pipeline and continually get new clients. It’s all step-by-step, not a big mishmash of things. So, you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. All the tools, scripts, templates, and examples are handed to you on a silver platter. Easy. You can get it at TheClientAttractionSystem.com.

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