Urgent is dangerous (set these boundaries instead)

In today’s new video, I have a couple of thoughts for you regarding productivity:

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who produce so much more in their business than their colleagues? 

Have you ever met somebody so prolific that they put others to shame without even trying to? 

Well…there’s a very simple technique that you probably know about, but you may not be using in your business, to create so much more than others do. Watch this video now to discover it: 

This simple technique is based on the idea of discerning between what is urgent and what is important.

In your business, every day, by the time you fire up your email, look at your Asana or Basecamp and Slack (or whatever it is that you use for project management, even if it’s a scribbled list on a blank piece of paper), there will be dozens, if not dozens-and-dozens of things to get done as well as requests from other people. 

Everyone will want a piece of you.

And if you start your day by focusing on all of the urgent needs of other people you will never get to your important projects. 

Creating really epic things in your business is about prioritizing what’s important to you as opposed to what’s important to others. 

I know that it will ruffle some people’s feathers – who might be saying, “Well, you don’t want to let other people down.” 

Yes, agreed, but if you take care of everybody else’s needs first, you let yourself down. You let your big goals down, your dreams, your aspirations, and you will not achieve the thing that you want to do

And so, I’m inviting you today to start prioritizing the things that are important to you rather than just the things that are urgent to other people

Start your day working on your own projects, even if it means getting up earlier to do so. Graciously say no. Set strong boundaries. 

And then when the time is right, whether it is mid-morning or whenever you choose to, you can start answering those emails and “urgent” requests. 

You can start taking care of everybody else’s needs, but not until after you’ve spent at least an hour or two working on your own projects. 

Important vs. urgent, hope that helps. 

Lots of love. xo

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