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Upgrade Your Business Mindset

I want to talk to you about the role of mindset in your business.

In the traditional way of growing your business, we focus on strategy and actions – the tangible elements that we know can make a business grow and thrive.

While these are undeniably essential, we tend to overlook the importance of energetics of our business – the vibration and internal guidance that influence our success.

Think about when you have a new business goal – perhaps it’s reaching $10K a month consistently or hitting that six-figure mark. Maybe you’re already at six figures, aiming for $750K or even a million a year, while getting your life back. 

These goals are your conscious thoughts—your chosen beliefs and targets. However, without addressing the subconscious elements at play, these goals might remain out of reach.

So, my friend, let’s talk about upgrading your business mindset.

Watch this video to learn about the conscious and subconscious of business mindsets:

The conscious and subconscious of the business mindset

These business goals that you have, the milestones and achievements that you’re striving towards, those are your conscious thoughts. That is what you choose to believe and to put out as your goal. 

But if we ignore all of the subconscious that’s happening under the surface, we will not reach those goals. 

Let me explain.

Your thoughts, which make up your conscious, must match your feelings and your beliefs and your self-image, which make up your subconscious. And it’s from your subconscious that you end up taking action in your business. 

So this alignment between your conscious and subconscious is crucial because your subconscious drives your actions. Simply put, your thoughts, beliefs, and actions must be in harmony to achieve those consistent $10K months or that seven-figure business.

Aligning your goals and your beliefs

So this is where we look at upgrading your business mindset. 

The way we do that, and this is what we do with our members of the program by creating a big stretch goal – what it is that you really dream of creating in your business. 

Once this goal is set, it’s natural for fears and limiting beliefs to surface. You might think, “I can’t do this,” or “This is for other people, not me.” These thoughts are part of the subconscious fears that hold us back.

However, we’re not believing in those subconscious fears and beliefs. We can acknowledge their presence without believing them, and work towards improving your mindset as a whole.

And by working on these subconscious fears and beliefs and the self-image, we shift those so that they are in alignment with our big goals and our dreams. 

Aligning your beliefs and your actions

“You literally have to change yourself by upgrading your business mindset, change yourself so that you can reach your goals.”

So, here’s what I want you to do in order to make sure your goals line up with your beliefs:

  • Identify your stretch goal. Determine what it si that you really want to achieve in your business, without filtering it through doubt.
  • Observe your subconscious fears. As you set your stretch goal, write down any of these limiting beliefs without judgment.
  • Work on shifting the beliefs. Use affirmations, visualization, any other mindset techniques to transform these subconscious, limiting beliefs. The language you use is powerful – for example, shifting from “I don’t know how” to “It’s possible and I can learn how”.
  • Align your actions with these beliefs. Now that you believe in yourself that  you can do it, what actions will you take to start that new program, reach a certain number of clients, pass that 6 or 7 figure milestone? How can you make this a reality?

When your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in alignment, you start taking inspired actions you never imagined before. This alignment transforms your approach to business, making what once seemed impossible now entirely achievable.

Upgrading your business mindset is about changing yourself fundamentally so you can reach your goals with confidence and ease.

And this isn’t just a one-time task, it’s an ongoing journey of self improvement that will benefit not only your business, but other areas of your life.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing doubts or fears – it’s a normal part of the growth process. But you’ll see that once you start acknowledging your subconscious, these vibrations, the results will be truly transformational. 

Your future self will thank you for it. I believe in you. 

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