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Two weeks of vacation is not enough for you

In today’s new video on how to take lots of time off, we’re going to talk about lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but I opened my own business 20 years ago because I tend to seek freedom almost as much as I seek impact.

And in the corporate world, I was most definitely not free. I didn’t feel like I was contributing to society in the role I had nor did I feel like I could make my time my own.

And two weeks of vacation in a whole year was just not enough for me!

Problem is, what I see happening for many business owners as they grow their business is that this “free time” they wanted, the “high quality of life” piece, isn’t there anymore. They’re back to having a J.O.B.

Maybe you can relate, sweet friend? If so, watch today’s video now:

Here’s the deal… You’re probably focused on delivering excellent work for your clients and customers, working with your team, setting up systems and just putting out fires all the time. But what about all that free time you wanted? Where did it go???

What about all the glorious downtime that was part of your motivation for starting your own business in the first place?

It often falls by the wayside…

…along with your evenings and weekends, all taken up with work.

And sadly, for many of us who are self-employed, there’s no such thing as an “unplugged vacation”, one free of emails and laptops.

Can you even technically still call that a true vacation?

What I know for sure, after 20 years of experience, is that if you do not have any unplugged time, “you” time, you show up less inspired for your clients.

You end up frazzled and unable to really connect to the divine guidance about what the next step in your business is. You can’t show up for your kids and love relationship the way you want to, and things look bleak

This is not how it is meant to be.

And it doesn’t have to be this way if you strategically set up your business to suit your lifestyle.

Part of what we do in the Boldheart Business program, apart from helping you GROW your business and then SCALE it, is to help you build a lifestyle you love. It’s not about working and accumulating money for money’s sake, while you become busier than you were in corporate.

No, no, no!

It’s about having a life you absolutely love at the same time.

So, let me ask you, sweet friend, how many days a week do you really want to work? How many weeks of unplugged vacation do you really want to take per year? Which summer month do you dream of taking off?

I ask this because you can craft your business, you can change your business model, you can train your clients and team to not need hand holding, you can break some existing rules and ways of doing things so that you only work four days a week, take a week off every couple of months, or take August and December off, for example.

You can, believe me. I do it.

(I just spent 2 weeks of vacation with my family in the south of France and then hosted wonderful clients in a beautiful house in Provence for a week and it was heaven. And the thing is, you can have that too, if you want it.)

And that’s why we can teach this so expertly in the Boldheart Business program.

It’s all about setting up a lifestyle strategy and we can do that for you too.

For starters, begin dreaming about how much time you want to take off as a result of the impact you’re making, and then let’s talk about making that happen for you too.

When you are strategic about how you really want your business (and down time) to look, and you get help figuring out all the ways to make that happen, it becomes easy to take 14 weeks of vacation per year while your business keeps growing and making money.

It can happen for you too.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. If you’re stuck in the day to day and you don’t know how to pull yourself out, maybe we can help.

Yes, you know that we help people set up their business so that they make 10K a month consistently, and then get them to multiple 6 figures a year, and eventually 7 figures, while gaining their life back.

All that with more vacation time than they ever had working for someone else.

Perhaps you’re curious about what that could look like for you?

If you’re already making a minimum of 2K a month in your business, let’s set up a time to talk at no charge and strategize that together. Click here now to watch my video invitation to chat.

Being in business is not about you becoming a servant to your clients and not enjoying your life.

Instead, it is about really strategically shaping everything you do and how you do it in a way that serves your business and gives you the benefits you deserve.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, and you’re drowning in overwhelm now, we should definitely talk sooner rather than later.

Apply now for your free strategy session here. Like, today.

Let’s just see if we can help, OK?

Love you. xo

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