How to triple your business in 2 months (like Hanna did)

Oh, you are going to loooooove Hanna’s inspiring success story.
She tripled her business in just 2 months of being here with us in the Boldheart Business program. Wow.

Listen, there are SO many business coaches out there who claim to have the “secret shortcut” to success. They often completely over-promise and under-deliver (ugh).

Sadly, you may have bought their “secret strategies” and hype-y techniques, and in the past, you may have been shy about making further investments in yourself because the results they promised didn’t quite materialize. (I’m so so sorry for what you experienced.)

Maybe you’ve tried working with some of these kinds of coaches (or like in Hanna’s case, a lot of them). And when you make the investment, and do the work, and the results don’t come…you think that there must be something wrong with you.

Today’s must-see story is a loving reminder that there is nothing wrong with you. You’re simply not working with coaches who have as much integrity as you.

When Hanna discovered that she could stay true to her values of love and authenticity AND be a successful business woman here at Boldheart…that’s when the magic happened.

After just two months in the Boldheart Business program, Hanna’s business TRIPLED (almost quadrupled).

If Hanna can do it (along with thousands before you) you can do it too, especially when you follow a recipe that already works. Watch her story and get inspired for your business:

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The truth is that people like us (those who lead with our hearts) can’t thrive when we’re faking it or being taught to do things that go against our morals.

Our unwavering values will always try to bring us back into alignment. That’s why it’s vital that we stop compromising, take a no-excuses approach to building our businesses with integrity and that we find the right people to support us, who are doing the same.

Thousands of business owners have found their home in the Boldheart Business program because of our values, as well as the proven strategies we teach that have been tried and tested for decades.

Yes, I realize how hard it is to open your heart again to another coach when you’ve been burned. I’ve been there, too (ugh, there are some really low people out there).

And I also know how hard it is to wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety about your business, crippled by the fear of failure. I’ve been there. But the truth is that letting the fear take hold of you comes with a very steep price.

Much greater than the price of investing in the right program that’s going to bring you into such deep alignment that your business takes off before you even know what happened, just like Hanna’s and countless other members of the Boldheart Business program.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to go it alone and you certainly don’t have to get coached and mentored by people you don’t like or trust.

I believe we have what you’re looking for:

Strategy, accountability, implementation, mindset. (That’s the BOLD part, what’s called Yang in Chinese philosophy.)

Love, alignment, friendship, compassion, non-judgment, laughter, hugs, spirituality, loving community. (That’s the HEART part, what’s called Yin in Chinese philosophy.)

I’ve come to learn that nothing in nature (or business, or life) works without both Yin and Yang. You need both.

And that’s what we provide, in spades. That’s our secret sauce, the one that helps so many heart-leading business owners get to 10K a month consistently, and then to multiple six (and eventually, seven) figures.

Let’s explore working together. Let’s book a chat.

We would like to hear more about your business, what’s not working, what’s getting in the way of you succeeding – and then mapping out a plan. We also want to share with you how our formula works, why it would work for you and what results you would/could get when you join our community.

If we’re not the right place for you, that’s okay. But if we are, don’t hold yourself back any longer.

Get in touch today so we can talk at no charge, and let’s get you started on your exponential growth journey with us.

Like Hanna did. With authenticity, integrity and love.

Sending you some of that love now,

P.S. Imagine if Hanna had never said yes to us…imagine how many people would never have the gift of working with her. Your future exponential growth is not just about your success, it’s about the success of the legions of people who you are here to serve.

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