Track Where Your Best Clients Come From

Sometimes, it’s best to not reinvent the wheel or “fix what ain’t broke,” as the saying goes. Let’s say you have several clients you absolutely LOVE. Look at where all of these clients have come from. Perhaps it’s a particular networking group, or a talk that you gave, a referral from a strategic alliance or Center Of Influence, or a referral from a client. It’s important to see where your clients have come from, so that you can do more of the same.

Avoid focusing too much on what hasn’t helped you attract many clients in your Marketing Pie, but rather, what HAS worked. That’s what you want to focus on.

One way to keep track is to set up a system for this. Each time a new private coaching client signs up to work with me, they fill out a section of my Welcome Packet that says “Whom may I thank for your referral?” This is a great way to keep track, because you’ll forget, but they won’t.

I have a section in my database that I’ve labeled “Referred by” next to the client’s name and in that section, I note who referred that person, where I originally met them, or what talk they came to hear. At the end of the quarter or the year, it helps me to eliminate the marketing efforts or networking groups that aren’t working and focus on the ones that are.

This also has the added bonus of tracking which referral sources have given me the most leads and reminds me to thank them appropriately for each and every referral.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

  • Start tracking where your clients come from so that you can continue marketing there.
  • Ask each and every client whom they were referred by or where you met.
  • Create a worksheet to keep track of this.
  • Review this often to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Focus on (and do more of) what works and eliminate the efforts. that don’t produce results.
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