Today’s video is for women only (mostly)

OK, I’m not trying to exclude the men in today’s video. I love the men.

And yet, this is (mostly) a message for strong women. For the woman who is a force of nature (like me), the powerful woman, the one who is up to really big things and won’t let anything get in her way.

The thing about us high-achieving women is that we’ve learned to hustle.

To work hard, despite our energy level. To make things happen. To go against the grain.

We are totally familiar with pushing the proverbial boulder up the hill faster and longer to get the results we want. No one will outwork us.

At work (and sometimes at home) we almost become another persona altogether, someone we innately are not.

This is what happened to me. And I’ve learned something:

What got you here won’t get you there. By nature, it can’t.

If you feel exhausted being a woman who is burning the candle at both ends, who is completely overwhelmed and has lost herself a bit, who doesn’t feel like she can do this level of pushing for another 10 years, let alone 5 years, then this one’s for you. Sister, you need to watch this now:

I invite you to do some things a little differently today.

First of all, can we give a nod of appreciation to the beauty of Provence playing a supporting role in the video today? (I’ve been here 3 weeks.) I believe that this week’s message would not have come through exactly in this way if I were not in an environment that exudes such pleasure.

I have to tell you that miracles happen when you relax. Miracles happen when you just slightly release your masculine grip on your business, your goals and dreams, and you surrender, allowing the Universe to take over and serve you. (I explain the whole thing in the video.)

We’ve all been taught to effort and work hard to get what we want. But I’ve come to know that this is actually placing a limitation on what we can receive. We are exerting our will instead of allowing the divine to carry us to a place that is most likely far more yummy than what we think we are working so hard to achieve.

I’m not advising you to not work, sitting around and waiting for the riches to manifest. Of course, you must show up and do the work.

I get it. You do masculine really, really well. I do too.

(And if you’re wondering what I mean when I say “masculine,” be sure to watch today’s video.)

Today, I am inviting you to consider how to bring more pleasure, more bliss and more feminine energy to your work, as a way to surrender to the All That Is. And to make decisions from the feminine perspective, which is the highest, most creative force in the Universe.

How much easier will life be if you also begin to access your feminine qualities…creativity, pleasure, intuition, allowing, joy…yumminess.

So for today, just journal a bit, as I advise you to do in the video.

And do something for yourself that feels really, really good.

Blessings from Provence,

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