To grow your business, go for yoga OR for a walk on the beach ;)

Sometimes I’m the (loving) bearer of bad news… :)

Here’s what I say to many, many of our clients and students who want to turn their yearly revenues into their monthly revenues. Ready?

“Your business cannot grow if you keep doing everything yourself.”

(The response? You choose: Ouch or Duh.)

Listen, I know it can be hard. It’s actually quite an emotional process to learn to let go and delegate. Believe me, I have experienced the “There’s no way anyone else will do it as well as I can” thing.

You see, you had to be a “control enthusiast” to get your business to this level. But now, “letting go” is required. And that can be very difficult because it’s hard to trust that it will be done and done well, to our standards.

There’s another side to this coin, though. Watch this week’s training video to learn how you will know that it’s time to delegate in your business, and more importantly, what to delegate, now:

It is a beautiful thing to learn that there are people who have a zone of excellence in the areas where you are merely competent (or even incompetent)!

Listen, we all have our gifts, strengths and talents.

None of us can be good at everything and none of us (at least those of us who want to grow) can go it alone.

Remember… Your incompetence IS someone else’s Unique Brilliance. And when you let go of needing to do it all yourself (like a control enthusiast) and needing to improve your weaknesses (instead of harnessing your strengths) your business can and will thrive.

It’s a mindset as much as a strategy.

So this week, I invite you to think about the functional areas in your business that fall in your zone of competence or incompetence (rather than excellence or brilliance) that you can hire someone else to do…

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Your email and scheduling appointments
  • Your social media posting and content
  • Bookkeeping
  • Maybe even your Customer Service?

When you do, you have time for more MGAs (Money Generating Activities), which means that you make so much more money and those you hired just paid for themselves.

So, tell me on the blog: what is it in your business that needs to be delegated so you can focus on Money Generating Activities? What will you be brave enough to let go of soon?  

This is the first step in scaling and leveraging your zone of genius. And that, my friend, is the path to entrepreneurial success and exponential growth.

Here’s to your freedom,

p.s. This really is a conversation about freedom. The reward of becoming a successful business owner is that you create independence in your life. When you learn to delegate effectively you become free to create the systems and tools that generate revenue, and then…go to yoga, or for a walk on the beach, or lunch with friends. It’s kinda awesome. :)

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  1. Delegating your social media can be hard, especially if you are worried about your online reputation. This is the biggest fear a lot of my clients have when they first come to me. Hire someone who is knowledgeable about social media, stays up to date on all the latest trends and who you can trust with your reputation.

  2. I have been helping writers and creative entrepreneurs get their message out there with social media, and I know it brings up a lot of stuff for them. Talk about mindset shift.

    For me the most important thing about running a business and doing social media is 1 yes the big picture, intention and strategy to get there but 2 feeling into the ENERGY and soul of the business to see what it needs next.

    From this I encourage writers and entrepreneurs to use their social media, email content, blogs, etc as a way to send good energy– Their energy– out into the world to inspire more people. They really like that.

    You don’t have to do it yourself and it can feel like you are doing all this. Other people CAN catch your vision and become a channel for the energy you want to bring to the world. They can bring out the BEST in you. It is possible. Believe and the right person will show up. Follow the energy!!

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