To get more clients from networking, focus on the relationship

Now that you’ve gotten clear on what networking isn’t and what’s slowing you down, it’s time to redefine it so that you can start taking advantage of it, starting now.

Contrary to what you’ve probably been taught, networking is NOT about pushing yourself on others (or being pushed upon by others) but about one simple thing and one thing only.

Building relationships.

I know, you were probably expecting something more earth-shattering than that. But, the simple truth is, Master Networkers understand that networking is about the long haul and it’s about building relationships, not GETTING something from others or putting something over on others.

Let’s examine building relationships and why that’s the NEW view I want you to take on networking.

Let’s examine how YOU would rather buy services.

When you’re looking for a new service, would you rather open up the phonebook and play “eenie-meenie-miney-mo” or would you rather ask a friend you trust if they know someone who provides that service?

Yeah, me too. I feel much better about asking someone to give me a referral. For some reason, when I know that my friend has had a great experience with that particular service provider, let it be a dentist or a plumber, I’m much more likely to just call and book an  appointment, rather than question the expertise of the person
we’re talking about.

And so you see, it all boils down to that relationship with your friend, and the relationship that your friend has with the dentist or plumber. Without the relationship they have, you wouldn’t have  ever been referred that person.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

From today forward, I want you to start approaching the entire networking process with the objective of creating LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS.

No more, no less.
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