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To attract more clients, plug into your purpose

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’ve probably been marketing your business for just as many years (hopefully). You’ve tried marketing tactics that worked, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried some that didn’t and failed miserably.

After a while, I believe everyone gets into a slump with their marketing plan. This happens with a majority of my clients at some point or other, and has happened to me too in the past. There are many reasons for this:
1.    We get bored.
2.    We get complacent or lazy.
3.    We become greedy or simply in it for the mo-ney.

I could give you solutions to all three of these reasons, but these would be using your willpower and discipline. Today, I want to appeal to your sense of purpose.

If you want a successful business, having a purpose in marketing your business is an absolute necessity, and it shouldn’t be just making mo-ney. Yes, making lots of mo-ney is great. Mo-ney is necessary and it makes life way easier. But if the ONLY reason you’re in business is to make mo-ney, I believe that for most people, it’s much more difficult to get up the strength to market something that just takes from people, without giving back more than what you give.

Besides, people will feel that energetically and read right through you.

The solution? Connect (or reconnect) to your purpose. If you’ve been dragging your feet about getting out there to market your business, perhaps it’s time to reexamine if you’re connected to the original purpose for getting in business. I’m a big fan of Ralph Marston’s Daily Motivators and he recently wrote something on the subject of purpose that really resonated with me:

“Where there is purpose, there is energy. Actions directed toward a compelling purpose will create a powerful momentum that lines up events and circumstances in your favor. Purpose gives you a reason to get going each day and strengthens your determination to persist when the going gets tough. Purpose pushes you firmly toward your highest level of accomplishment.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve talked in the past about letting yourself be pulled by your future. Today, we’ll call it being pulled forward by your PURPOSE.

If you look at any great humanitarian leader, you’ll notice they’ve had many obstacles and tribulations along the way. Somehow, they always seemed to get right back on that proverbial horse and try, try again, didn’t they? If they’d been in their cause just for the power or the mo-ney, they may have given up shortly after starting. But I’ll guess that their strong purpose gave them the strength and determination to keep going, to push through the obstacles and reach their goals, because there was a greater purpose to it all.

When I see a client who drags their feet or for whom something’s not going well, it’s usually a sign that something’s not quite right, as opposed to just procrastination. Either they’re marketing something for the wrong reason or they’re not being true to their purpose and the reason that they’re here. For many, they’ve chosen to ignore the nagging voice within that tells them something’s not right.

Perhaps they don’t even know WHAT their purpose is. For many of us self employed people, it’s to serve others and make a difference in people’s lives, in one way or another. My opinion is that when we get away from that, marketing or doing anything in business is much more difficult.

And yeah, by the way, when we are authentic, serve people well and stay connected to that purpose, the mo-ney inevitably flows. The best part about making good mo-ney doing something that really matters to you is that the mo-ney is a byproduct of doing things well and for the right reason. It feels great, not sleazy or like we’ve ripped off someone.

Your purpose is to help others AND to feel good doing it. Once you find it, throw yourself into it. Since having a strong purpose in your business gives you more energy and determination, it’s time to either get reconnected to the reason you originally got in business or to figure out what yours is. Remember though, sometimes our resolve gets tested to make sure we REALLY want this badly enough. Persevere; don’t give up.

Your Assignment:

What’s YOUR purpose? Here are questions to ask yourself to find your own purpose or reconnect to it:
1.    What section of the bookstore do you gravitate towards? (Hint: I was reading success-mindset and marketing books on my honeymoon and it didn’t feel like work.)
2.    What is the greatest challenge you overcame?
3.    What brings the most meaning to your life?
4.    If you had all the mo-ney you needed, but still wanted to work, what would you do to make a difference in the world while bringing you happiness?
Whether it means connecting to it for the first time or simply reconnecting, do what it takes to live as close to your purpose as possible, no matter what the setbacks. Tweak the way you do things right now so it feels right and like there’s real meaning in your life. Success will naturally come to you when you do. You won’t believe you get paid to live it.

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