Time to think like a millionaire

I’ve got a story to share with you today about a business owner who has turned a corner and boldly claimed the idea of scaling her business, so she can have more of a life.

She wants to grow her business to run without her, to become her “cash machine,” so she can focus on raising a family, something she’s always wanted.

In fact, together, we mapped out how to make the leap from her 6-figure business to what will eventually become a totally leveraged 7-figure business.

Imagine that for yourself: a business that is highly lucrative, but that allows you to spend time with the people you love, doing the things that truly matter to you.

It is possible, if you begin to think differently about how you use your time, as I talk about in this week’s video:

Now, getting to 6 figures is a big accomplishment, but here’s the thing…

…what gets you to 6 figures will NOT get you to 7 figures. In fact, it is quite likely that the “rules” and the type of thinking you’re using in your business now are keeping you exactly where you are, even though you want more.

Thinking Like a Millionaire, as you’ll learn in this week’s video, requires you to do things differently.

It can be scary to change the way you approach your business, tip the sacred cows and begin to tell your clients that, going forward, we will be doing things differently. The “this-is-how-we-do-it-here” and the “it-has-to-be-done-this-way” ways of being have a very strong pull.

Until you are willing to think about what you would be doing differently if you were already at the level you want to be at, nothing can change.

My question for you today, based on today’s new video:

How would you serve your clients differently if you were already at your next level? How would you operate differently? And what change can you make NOW to move you in that direction?

And then, my dear Boldheart, make it happen.

Having a “cash machine” business is much more gratifying than having a “cash poor” business. Would you agree?

Time to think like a millionaire,

P.S. This is exactly how several of our Boldheart Business members are getting to 7 figures this year, as have past members before them. You can read and watch some inspirational success stories here, and then if you’re curious about how we do it, you can book a free call here to talk to a coach.

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