Three essential ways to avoid entrepreneurial burnout

Burnout-SmallAs a business owner working towards reaching the six-figure mark, you may run the risk of working yourself into the ground. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs as you revamp and tweak things to get to the next level. The problem is that when you work so hard that you start to burn out and deplete your energy, you actually can become “client unattractive” instead of “client attractive.”

Speaking for myself, when this happens I become cranky, resentful and sort of snappy… This is not the right energy or mindset for client attraction.

Here is the number one most important thing for you to realize as a self-employed individual:

There is no such thing as a completed to-do list.

Maybe this is possible in the corporate world, but it’s not for business owners. We always have more ideas about how to grow the company. That’s why it makes sense to follow these strategies to avoid overdoing things.

1. Set boundaries. When it’s getting late in the day and you are at the end of your rope, ask yourself, “Will anyone be harmed if I don’t complete this today?” This may sound like I’m going against my “no excuses” approach, but it’s different really…

Of course I want you to be willing to do what others are not willing to do and take the no excuses approach. The question is, “At what price?” You have a life, and you may have a spouse and children. Overtaxing yourself is not fair to anybody, especially you.

That’s why you must draw the line in the sand and have an end time to your day. At 5:30 or 6 or 7 P.M., you are done. Anything beyond this time will not be nearly as productive as you could be if you approached the task the next day after some rest. Make this end time non-negotiable and stick to it relentlessly.

2. Carve out time for business development. Sometimes the problem has to do with working in your business vs. working on it. That’s why I would rather carve out a day to focus on business development then try cramming it in late at night. In the end, overworking limits your ability to listen for the divine guidance you need. When you are too busy, you start ignoring the signs and gentle guidance. Set aside time to work on your business and separate this from your daily activities.

3. Understand your to-do list is never done. Sometimes you have to let yourself off the hook and the hardest boundary is often with yourself. Your to-do list will not get finished today – and that’s OK. If you rest and keep yourself energized, you’ll stay healthy and enthusiastic to tackle that list tomorrow. Your quality of life is very important. On occasion you may choose to work late, but not on a regular basis, so as to enjoy other aspects of life as well.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Create a list of standards and terms of what you will accept for your life. Set boundaries and rules for yourself around these things and then stick to them to avoid burnout. It really is just as simple as that, and it will make all the difference in your quality of life.

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