Those limiting beliefs around marketing could be stopping you

I have some truth to share with you about reaching seven figures (a million in your business) each year, in case that’s where you’re headed or you’re curious about what it actually takes to get there.

The topic is marketing, specifically, the kind of marketer you need to become to get there. 

There is no way around it. You cannot fully abdicate the marketing of your business, no matter how hard you try. It is necessary. 

But how much marketing? 

Well, if you want to add that other zero to your revenue, it’s going to require a large increase in your number of clients and customers. To 10x your business revenues, you must increase your marketing (as well your referrals and everything that has to do with lead generation activities) by 2X, 5X or 10X – depending on how many clients you want to attract and how much money you want your business to generate. 

So, to increase your revenues significantly, you must increase your marketing activities and your marketing frequency proportionately. 

I know that seems like a ton of work for someone who’s already pretty much maxed out and likely overwhelmed (this is what happens at six figures, before you make a commitment to leverage everything about your business).

At this level of business, your next goal is to leverage your existing marketing and turn it into what we call “omnipresent marketing”. This is the kind that brings in an unprecedented number of qualified leads. 

But before this, we should address that many business owners cringe at the idea of marketing or of being seen as a marketer

Marketers are often seen as sleazy, just trying to get a buck and not working from a place of integrity. We are usually wary of marketers and don’t trust them. That said, on a subconscious level, we don’t want to become “one of those marketers”. 

“Society honors those who build a better mousetrap, but suspects those who market better mouse traps.”
– Robert Steiner

Does that resonate with you at all? Do you have negative beliefs around marketing and marketers that are creating resistance in your own marketing efforts? 

If so, you’re not alone. That said, we do need to shift these beliefs and upgrade your mindset around all things marketing before you start to see much bigger results. 

I have found that there are three steps to this process, and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. 

The first step is to examine your deep-seated beliefs about marketing, visibility, marketers, and what it is to market. 

So, let’s examine your beliefs around marketing, marketers and visibility.

Find a time and place where you can get quiet and be undisturbed, pull out some paper or a journal and answer the following questions without any second-guessing, just put down whatever comes up for you (no one but you will see these)

  • What are the beliefs you have around marketing?
  • What are the beliefs you have about those who market and sell? 
  • What are the beliefs you have about having greater visibility?
  • How does marketing make you feel, on the “doing” end, and also on the “receiving” end?
  • How does that affect how you show up when it comes to marketing your business?

Dig deep on your real beliefs here, not what you think you should feel, because we’ll use these in the second part of this process of transforming the beliefs that are keeping you from sharing your gifts on a bigger scale. 

And if you’d like some support as you discover what’s next on your way to 7 figures, reach out for a free exploratory session with one of my heart-centered coaches. We are here to help. 

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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