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comic book "WOW!" graphic

comic book "WOW!" graphic

Today I would like for you to consider that, when differentiating your business in the marketplace, it’s the ‘non-essentials’ that are more critical than ever before.

It’s not necessarily the actual product or service you offer. It’s not even you (as wonderful and unique as you are) that makes your company different. It’s your clients’ EXPERIENCE with the goods and services you offer that makes your company untouchable.  

Here’s what I mean: To really stand out, you cannot rely solely on your product or service. That’s called commoditization. 

Mere product differentiation is no longer enough – it’s the non-core areas of your business that impress your clients, because clients value their experience above all.  

Businesses that offer outstanding, memorable and unique experiences can increase the retention or price of their offerings because the experiences are what people value. They collect experiences, not things. 

Most businesses are aware that they need to do the core parts of their business, yes. But what you may not realize is how often customers evaluate the quality of your product from the everyday, more personal and less technical parts of your business. 

(For our programs, it’s by far the world-class community of outstanding women that we provide you on your journey to 7 figures. That’s our secret sauce.) 

So how do people evaluate the value of your business? 

People tend to judge the competence of a business by things they’re familiar with, like the cleanliness of an office, the vitality of the plants, quality of the furnishings, the friendliness of the staff, or the refinement of the refreshments. You may have the most high-tech, advanced, expensive technology, the coolest new gadget or the most cutting-edge approach to your service, but it’s not likely to impress them.

Clients and customers are always impressed with the very little things, the small attention to detail touches that makes the ordinary extraordinary. 

Your clients judge the competence of your business based more on the attention to detail that you pay to the everyday things around your business, rather than the technical experience, the things you usually invest the most in. 

It’s these details that really differentiate your business, making the ordinary extraordinary

It could be high-end refreshments, Baroque music on an exquisite sound system, a hug, a feeling of inclusion, a community that people trust and continue to come back for, even though none of these things are the core of what you offer.

Maybe it’s that glass of wine or elegant cup of tea you receive while you’re getting your hair trimmed or colored, or the back massage chair you enjoy for 10 minutes while you wait for another service. 

The lesson? Focus on The Little Things:

We are looking for “WOW!” – to create magic. Initially, these may not seem to be as important as the way that you do the core part of your business. You may say, “Oh, this is expensive. It takes a lot of time,” but it’s the little things and the non-essentials that will differentiate you in the long run. 

There are so many things that you could be adding, but don’t have to cost a lot to create a big WOW. That WOW gives people a great story to tell – that is the leverage that comes with differentiation, where you retain clients longer and people talk about you and send you referrals. 

Will you do this? Not sure what you could do to differentiate just yet? 

If you have resistance coming up but you know in your heart that this is something you need, we can help. This is exactly what we help women do in our programs so they grow their business, impact, income and free time exponentially. 

Our support is why they get to multiple 6 and 7 figures, with their freedom back. Are you curious about what that would look like in your own business?

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