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Today I want to remind you that when you set your goals, believing that you can reach them is absolutely crucial to doing so. Why? Because when in doubt, you will not push through the inevitable resistance that comes up when we set new stretch goals.

You need to believe that your goal, whatever it might be, is within reach, even if it’s a stretch goal. And when that’s the case, you will do what it takes. 

I want to share what happened to me in late 2007: I made an internal decision to reach a million in my business in the following year, 2008. At first, I didn’t have a PLAN to make that happen, so I couldn’t see how I would actually do it.

So while there was a part of me that said, “I’m going for it, I’m going to triple my income from 380,000 to over a million,” I just couldn’t SEE how to reach it.

This is where I had to make the plan REAL for myself first by mapping it out on paper first. Leaving it to chance is not a plan.  

I share this because the necessity of mapping out the entire plan on paper first has proven to be true not only for me, but for the hundreds of women entrepreneurs I’ve helped to scale their business. Without some kind of plan, your whole body, energy and soul will not be committed to it.

So what I did was I reverse-engineered the outcome – that million – by working out the numbers. I created a projected revenues spreadsheet (you can use Excel or Google Sheets very easily for this) and each column was a month. Each row was a revenue stream.

I started with the question, “Well, what am I doing currently? I have this program and I have this product, and these are the numbers that I’m getting now based on what I’m offering, my different revenue streams and the numbers of people I have in them.”

The next question I asked was, “Okay, what else do I need to add? Do I need to raise my rates? Do I need to launch new programs or do things differently?” And the answer was yes to all of it.

I started tweaking the numbers, but I only went from 380 something to 600. I wasn’t even close to the goal. It was frustrating. And I just kept asking myself, “What are some of the things that I’ve thought about doing that I haven’t done yet?” 

I added line items and I tweaked the numbers and low and behold after maybe an hour of doing this, this number appeared: $1,086,960. And that’s when it became real for me, that’s when honestly I burst into tears…because I could SEE it: nothing on the list, nothing on the spreadsheet was outside of my ability. 

Yes, I would have to dig deep. Yes, I would have to do things a little bit differently and show up in a different way, but it was feasible. It was feasible and I could believe it and I could expect it for the first time. That’s when I could feel it and know that it was actually possible.

Yes, a stretch goal should be outside of your comfort zone, but you must find a plan to reach it in order for you to believe that it’s possible.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t do some of the things on the chart, but I did other things. And I still arrived at that final number…I actually did it, I nearly tripled my income and hit a million in revenue for the first time. That was the most surprising thing at the end of the year.

This forecasting spreadsheet is an incredible exercise that I cannot recommend highly enough, because it really works.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Get your spreadsheet program open and get started in mapping out how you’ll reach that big goal you dream of.

Create a Forecasting Spreadsheet.

Start working on it now, wherever you are – and use it every year.

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