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This limiting belief shift changed everything for me

In today’s video I share a limiting belief that I had to personally shift to get out of my own way and grow my business. And I witnessed that same belief getting in the way of someone else. 

You see, I met a woman recently who was completely overwhelmed. It’s as if she couldn’t see straight from the sheer overwhelm. 

She’d been in business for so many years, and told me she couldn’t seem to break through. She had a team, she’d been known in her industry for years and yet…

…she wasn’t making the money that she wanted to make. 

I suggested that she get some help to break through and her response was, “No. That would just be one more thing on my plate.”

If you can relate, this week’s inspiration video is a must-watch:

You see, in your current state of overwhelm, you might catch yourself thinking that getting some support is the last thing you need because it would require more of your time.

While I can appreciate this, it is flawed thinking, in my experience. 

Instead, what I’ve found to be true in my own career, and even my personal life, is that when I ask for help and get expert support, things start to open up and the overwhelm clears away. I actually gain more time!

Getting support clears away the cobwebs. It makes sense of all the mental clutter that comes from the place of, “I don’t know what to do about this.”

When you bring in somebody who teaches you what you don’t know that you don’t know, all of that confusion starts to dissipate and your mind and schedule start to feel lighter. 

You start to get some clarity. 
You start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
There’s a breath of fresh air that shows up.

So, the whole belief pattern of “This will be just another thing on my plate” isn’t actually valid. 

Let me ask you this, sweet friend. Where have you been letting “getting support” equal “I’m too overwhelmed for that”?

Make a list of where you are overwhelmed but not getting help. Then, next to each item, write down the “resistance” or “excuse” as to why you’re not asking for help. Dig deep to see what is causing you to operate from that place of isolation. 

Perhaps there’s a limiting belief underneath it all that’s actually holding you back from success.

Often, it’s “I can’t afford it”, even when the help in question will actually pay for itself. 

That said, my loving kick-in-the-tush today is this…

In your state of overwhelm, don’t confuse “the solution” with yet another “problem”.

Get yourself a solution for growing your business, maybe like our program, or get somebody to help you with something in your personal life. 

It’s freeing to follow a recipe that already works. Getting the solution removes complexity even though you used to think of it as “one more thing”. 

Don’t go it alone anymore. 

Get some help, okay? 

Let’s chat.

With love,

P.S. It’s not easy to see the solution when you’re overwhelmed and in the weeds, is it? 

I know. I’ve been there. And the only way I’ve been able to grow my own business consistently over the years is surrendering (in the loveliest way) to getting expert guidance and support. 

You deserve to get great help in growing your business. It’s time to invest in expert guidance, so you get out of overwhelm and create real traction. Reach out here to schedule a free exploratory session.

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