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Sending hugs and love from the US!

I’m here for all our quarterly Boldheart Business live meetings with the hundreds of wonderful members in their different Tracks.

One thing we’ve been talking about ALL week (with profound results) is…

…the Self Image.

You see, when your image of yourself is one of a person who is Successful, Good Enough, Worthy, and Deserving, you take ACTION from that image of self. Boldly. Confidently. Without questioning yourself.

Conversely, when you see yourself as someone who (despite your best intentions, God knows you don’t want to see yourself this way) is Not Good Enough, Doesn’t Know Enough, is Not Worthy Enough or Not Deserving Enough, then you take ACTION from that image of self. Hesitating. Doubting yourself. Sabotaging your efforts, even when it doesn’t make sense.

And those two sets of ACTIONS in your business are not equal. Obviously, they produce different results entirely.

So, to break it down for you, it boils down to Worthiness.

You are probably just a little curious about how your own self image may be playing out in your business and in your results.

If so, this Facebook Live I hosted for you will give you a breakthrough, especially if you have any feedback loop in your own mind about not being good enough or not deserving bigger.

In it, I show you that, actually, you are perfect. I will prove it to you. I share how to take the best of your natural gifts and strengths and leverage them so that you can release any old programming that is not serving you to do what you need to do to succeed.

Ready? Grab yourself a notebook and a pen, and watch it now. (No excuses! This is required watching from your loving mentor.) 😉

Some people are wired to be a charismatic leader, some are analysts and strategists who can focus on getting from a to z, others create and innovate, others support and collaborate.

The problem is that most of us have been shamed, scolded and ridiculed for essential aspects of our personality.

Many of us are high idea generators who love to start things, and have a hard time finishing them… Is that you? (It’s OK, me too. I don’t finish everything I start, but I am here to give you hope that you don’t have to be anything other than YOU to create a successful business like I have and our members have.)

So we get taught that we are “bad” because we don’t finish.

We know we need technology to grow our business, so we try to teach ourselves how to do it, even though we’re wired to stand on a stage, rather than tinkering with details…

Because of this, we subconsciously convince ourselves that we are “not good enough” or worse, “not meant to be successful.”

NONSENSE, as I prove in today’s video, which you must absolutely watch!

I believe that you were made the way you are for a reason. To fulfill a specific purpose on this planet. Let go of trying to be better at what you’re not good at. Heck, let go of trying to be better at what you’re kind of good at.

You ARE a unique snowflake; there has never been anyone like you in 13.7 billion years, there’s no one like you now, and there will NEVER be anyone like you in the world again.

You are perfect. And you are absolutely worthy of everything you desire and more.

Believe me about this, until you can believe it yourself.

This video will help you a lot.

So much love,

P.S. We all have our own easy-for-us path to success in business and the key is to not go against the grain or row upstream, but rather to go downstream and let our natural inclinations guide us. It doesn’t have to be hard. What we are wired for seldom is.

And when you can embrace that, all you need then is a plan that matches your wiring. Do you have one of those? A plan, I mean? If not, maybe we should talk. Like, THIS week.

You do not need to figure out this business thing on your own anymore, my sweet friend. YOU are talented just as you are. WE have got everything else you need: the Strategy, the Mindset needed to help you get out of your own way, and the most freaking unbelievable Tribe and Community that you will ever meet, to love you and support you along the way.

You deserve the help, support and guidance. It’s easy to afford. Let’s just talk and see, OK? Here’s my video invitation to chat at no charge.

We love you already. Come. You deserve this. xo

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