There’s no such thing as a self-made millionaire

Let’s face it. We cannot do it all.

At least, not on our own.

In fact, I’ve never heard of an actual “self-made millionaire.” (They don’t exist.)

Yes, people sometimes say they are “self-made,” but I think that’s an old term, referring to the fact that they didn’t get boatloads of money from mom or dad or a trust fund to get started.

Most of us self-employed folks and business owners start from scratch, without even a business loan, and we hustle. We grit our teeth, work long hours, believe in ourselves (sometimes) and wake up again and again to do it, despite whether people believe in us or not, and even if the results aren’t what we had hoped for.

Because we have a song to sing and a message to share. Because the idea of going back to work for someone else is horrifying at best.

But there gets to be a point at which we can’t get to that next big, elusive level (6 figures, 7 figures anyone?) without help.

We need to hire someone to help us get more done and gain our life back.

Problem is, there’s not always that boatload of cash just sitting there in the bank to afford that person that would help us get there. (The admin, the marketing assistant, or the person to actually run our operations so we can finally get some work done.)

So we say, “I can’t afford her” and we stay stuck. And overwhelmed.

Well, I’m here to say YOU CAN AFFORD HER. Or him. Whoever you want to hire.

You can afford them right NOW. And here’s how:

Yes, it’s a bold move.

But that’s the point. Bold moves create much bigger results.

And as long as you are strategic about your hire, and what you give them to do in the first 3-6 months, you can afford anyone you like.

And that means you start getting exponential results, because now, it’s not just you producing.

You’re a team. You’ve got an extra set of hands, and double the implementation means double the results, if not more.

But it starts with believing that you’re not stuck. That there’s a way.

And then taking bold action on it.

Belief first. Action Second. THEN Results. Always.

And remember, it doesn’t matter where the puck is NOW. It only matters where it’s going. And you gotta be there, not where you are before, as I talked about in today’s new video.

Be (just a little bit) bolder, OK?


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