There’s no shame in doing this (I did it too)

(In this week’s training video, you’re actually going to see a lot of the “real me” my students appreciate, meaning, I’m not sugar-coating anything. You’ll see me get on my soap box, I’ll gently swear, you’ll see my spiritual side and even witness my eyes well up in tears, all while I take a stand for you to stay out of fear as you build your business.)  

OK, here goes. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again:

Successful entrepreneurs do the things that others are simply not willing to do. And sometimes this means we do the thing that we might perceive means that we are “failing.”  

Watch this week’s 5-minute video to hear what I did when I first started my business, my own story of doing it and why you shouldn’t feel ANY shame around this topic: 

Fear is the killer of dreams. It is THE lowest vibration on the emotional spectrum, and it is beyond challenging to take the actions that we need to take to succeed when we are afraid about our ability to pay the bills, like I was.  

And so, if you are experiencing fear around your business, your first step is to do whatever it takes to raise yourself out of fear. It is vital to your success.

I’ve been there. And the reason that I am HERE today is because I assessed my resources, asked for help and made some cash-on-the-side.

I consider this week’s video required viewing for anyone who’s within the first couple years of their business or experiencing a little “dip” in revenues. I hope it inspires you to focus on the actions that move you toward your destination. And for 99% of us, that means focusing on where we can generate CASH.  

You can do it too! I believe in you, 
P.S. Do you make a wish on 11:11 too? I’m always so happy when I catch it on the clock or my phone. Go ahead and make a wish when you watch the video, as if it is that time on your clock too. (Maybe you can wish for some cash-on-the-side, just for the short term.) 😉

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you Fabienne. I am still working my massage business full time and doing the quilting business full time as well. I sometimes feel like I should just give up the massage business to spend more time on the quilting business…but massage is my money maker now and I still have to pay the bills. I keep telling myself that the universe will let me know when it is time and not to worry about it. I needed to hear your message!

  2. I loved that Growth Meeting when you thought the fastest path to cash. As a result of that meeting my husband took a job and it was a lifesaver for us. After that my business could grow with the flow. Great stuff! Thanks Fabienne for being an amazing role model for me.

  3. AMEN! I worked a full time corporate job and a side coaching gig while I built my business from ZERO clients and zero dollars until we reached multiple six figures in our business! Then I quit my corporate job, but still kept the side coaching gig until we built the business to half a million dollars a year. then I finally released the side coaching gig and I am 100% in my business….and we are on track to hit 7 figures shortly! I was willing to do whatever it took! And I always said that since I was FULLY FUNDED personally through my corporate job and side coaching gig, I was able to attract clients because working with them was the right thing for THEM! I didn’t NEED the money. It allowed me to always “do the right thing” for my clients! Now, 2,000+ clients later….I’m always grateful!
    Thank you Fabienne for teaching me how to create a 7 figure business in just a few years…..and thank you for being my “Josh” when I needed you….I will never forget how you and Derek helped me let go of my corporate job and still keep that extra cash coming in…..serving as a coach for The Leveraged Business during that time was a life saver for me! On so many levels….thank you! Love you!

  4. Thank you so much Fabienne! You tear up -> I tear up. Exactly the same as last year at mindset. You are so authentic. Love you & am very grateful.

  5. Thank you, Fabienne. Thank you for the affirmation. The permission. And the love.

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