There is an Unlimited Supply of Abundance

There’s a big fat lie about people who make a lot of money and that’s that they’re greedy, inauthentic, that they take money from others…Not only is that not true,  it’s impossible.

Why? Because there is an unlimited supply of abundance in the universe. There is no limit to what can be created.

In fact, by making more you don’t take anything away from anybody. It’s not about that. It’s about adding a lot more value to a lot more people so you can multiply your income dramatically.

Sounds simple, right? But if the formula is so simple, then what’s the problem? Why isn’t every entrepreneur a millionaire?

What’s holding you back is fear of change.  That fear keeps you playing small and to avoid the discomfort, you use excuses—everyday (whether you realize it or not…)

Then feelings of inadequacy come up…I’m not worth it. I don’t deserve it. Do I really need it?

These lead to self sabotaging behaviors—procrastination, negative self talk, fears of what people will think and say…not enough determination, perseverance or faith.

So why does all this matter anyway? Because your mindset—your inner game—drives 90% of your success.

It’s time to transform your inner game to play a BIGGER game.

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