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The truth about your critics

There’s something that’s working under the surface that is likely keeping you from playing an even bigger game.

Over all of these years of doing what I do I’ve seen countless extraordinary, capable and intelligent leaders get stymied by this one thing.

It has us shrink. Play small. Play safe. And….

…stay stuck at our current level. What is it?

Fear of criticism.

Has this held you back somehow? You can absolutely bypass fear of criticism. I show you how in this week’s video. Here you go:

Perhaps you’re looking to raise your prices dramatically, or attempt something really big (or different) or [insert a thousand different things you want to try that will help you grow.]

The thing is, whether you do it or you don’t… you’ll always face criticism in your life.

If you take the risk, or don’t take the risk, there are going to be people in your world who just don’t get it. Whether you loudly proclaim your truth, or it seeps out quietly, there are going to be those who don’t like what you say.

As sad as it is, it simply… is.

So why not do the thing anyway?

If we are going to be criticized and judged regardless, we might as well be living the life of our dreams, right?

In a way it’s incredibly freeing. You can stop protecting yourself from judgment by simply finding your confidence and self-worth despite it.

And as I share in today’s video, I agree with Brené Brown. If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked with me, I’m not interested in your feedback. (Her word, not mine). 😉

If they aren’t out there taking the same risks, why would their opinion matter?

So what they say, do or think about what you say, do or think simply does not matter.

You are a Boldheart. You are in the arena. Criticism? Judgment? Just words.

You, my friend, have work to do. Important and meaningful work.

Do it. And let what others say be their business. Not yours.

I’m cheering you on,

P.S. Success is a function of the state and strength of your mindset and how it inspires or limits the actions you take. Success is born of consistent, small steps moving you toward your intended goal. And sometimes it can be confusing to do it on your own.

Could you use some support sorting all of this out?

Our coaches are here and waiting to speak with you. You don’t have to do this alone. We have a whole community of people also in the arena, playing a bigger game. Let’s explore what it would be like for you to get our guidance in growing your business, our help with your confidence and some accountability so you get more done than you’re doing now.

Schedule your complimentary exploratory call today. Let’s get you into the mindset that gets you more of what you want. Regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

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fear of criticism

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