The trick to hiring right

Let’s admit it.

You need to hire someone to help you in your business. Like now. And someone good.

Now, I know how hiring (your first, or even additional) people in your business can feel scary.

Even if you don’t believe you have the money to do so right now, the entrenched mindset of “I need to do everything myself” will keep you from seriously growing your business.

The message in today’s video on hiring properly is how I took my business to 7 figures all of those years ago. Because I’m smart, I enlisted a super small team (and my husband) to help me put the plan in place.

Want to know how to do the same? Watch this now:

But can you really trust someone to do the work as seriously as you would? How will you know that they’ll do it right?

After so many years of making every mistake possible in hiring (and keeping) the right people, I believe I have figured out the formula.

This formula for hiring is the one I teach our members of Boldheart Business who now grow their revenues 30%, 50%, 100% or more every year, while taking more time off with their families to do what they love.

This is also what helps them cross the million-dollar mark in a few short years, even with kids at home, as so many of our members did in 2018.

You need to hire help. But not just any help. It’s not about finding people who are simply going to clock in and out and cash their paychecks.

It’s about finding and hiring intrapreneurs, people connected to your vision who will treat your business like their own and take on much of the implementation, so you can then focus on growing your business, impact and income.

Many hands do make light work. And hiring people that are excited and thrilled to “get” to work with your company… It’s a game changer.

You can do it too.

I’m happy to show you how to get there,

P.S. You can’t do this alone. I certainly don’t. I (thankfully) have many wonderful people helping me. If you’re struggling to get more clients or wish to grow your business significantly in 2019, please reach out here to schedule a no-charge strategy call.

A loving Strategy Coach is standing by to talk to you. Seriously. We just want to hear about your situation, what’s not working and what you dream of achieving so we can help you map out a plan to get there.

It doesn’t cost anything and it’s not a high pressure sales call, I promise.
Just this one conversation can change your life, as it has for so many others you can read about here.

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