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The tipping point is key in networking

Now, before you point the finger at me for bashing ALL things about what you already know about networking, let me say there is ONE thing that I believe in very strongly that past networking experts talk about over and over again.

Getting LOTS of people in your network.

The more people you know, and the more people know YOU, the more likely you are to attract LOTS of new clients through networking and referrals.

Think about it. If you’ve got 300 people in your network, and let’s just say, for fun, that 1% of them refer people to you on a monthly basis. Well, that makes 3 referrals per month.

But if you’ve got 1,000 people in your network, and that network generates the same percentage of referrals per month, 1%, then, that gives you 10 referrals per month. In just a few months, you’ve got a solid practice going!

And it’s been my experience that, when you DO have more than a 1,000 people in your network who become advocates of yours, you start getting clients real fast!

The key however, is in how you create this tipping point. And again, it’s not about entering each networking event you go to and throwing your cards at people, it’s about creating relationships that are based on trust. LOTS of them!

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment:

Make a commitment today to start growing your network to the Tipping Point. My networking is up to many thousands of people now, and you can imagine how many referrals I get from this network and all the networking I’ve done in the past.

If you estimate that you currently know (and are known by) say, 300 people, start working hard to be known and trusted by 1,000 people. When you’ve reached that, start shooting for 2,000, then more. The more people are in your network, the more you start tipping the scales in your favor.

It’ll be a process, and not necessarily a quick one, but the more you work towards this, the more you’ll love networking because of the RESULTS you’ll get from it, consistently. It’s addictive, trust me!

So, how many people are in your network now?

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