The theme this week: “Work doesn’t feel like work!” Creating big marketing (and income) breakthroughs for my clients this past week

This week was filled with big breakthroughs for my clients. A yummy Sapphire level client came for her private in-person visit and happily announced she increased her revenues to close to three quarters of a million-dollars last year since working together, while being more true to herself and her calling. She’s back for a second round of working together to multiply her already exciting results this year, and step more boldly into her divine purpose. I also hosted a closed-door one day Coaching Intensive (see picture of one of the attendees above) with a handful of entrepreneurs who came to get clarity on their message and their big vision and to have me craft their exact marketing plan for them, along with the steps and plan needed to implement it in the shortest time possible. It was really moving for some to see that this is finally possible for them too. This Coaching Intensive day will become a defining moment in their lives. My heart is full and when “work” feels this good, it can only mean that I’m living my divine purpose too, through helping other entrepreneurs live theirs.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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