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The tattoo I’d like you to get

In today’s new video, I’d like to inspire you to believe something new about money.

It’s this…you can actually make as much money as you want in your business despite anything that you may be experiencing right now.

Below, I’ve got something I joke about being the perfect tattoo for someone who wishes money were flowing more abundantly into their lives.

If you’ve felt like it’s not happening fast enough, watch today’s message to discover exactly what I mean:

If you are looking to create a better situation for yourself, your family, or for reinvesting in your business, you can absolutely attract more money into your business.

You are fully in control of how much you make.

I’ve seen it confirmed time and again in the lives of so many of the members of the Boldheart Business program.

Here’s what I’d (jokingly) want you to tattoo on your arm:

I control how much money I make in my business
based on how much I am willing to market.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

What I know for sure is that if you are making a certain amount of money in your business right now, and you’d like to make two times what you’re making right now on an annual basis, you will need to market twice as much as you are now.

And so it follows that if you’d like to make five times more, you’ll need to market five times more than you’re marketing now.

For some people that might seem like, “Oh God, I have to market more??”

Because it goes against their idea of what you may think an authentic business owner should be…

…one that doesn’t have to market (?).

Well, that’s not reality.

Especially not in an overcrowded, busy marketplace where there’s so much information and noise swirling around.

If you would like to make more in your business, it’s simply about becoming a more prolific marketer in your industry than you have been.

It’s about letting people find you.

We often think it’s our prospect’s job to find us, but that’s not the case.

It’s actually your job to help them find you.

Your job is to be as prolific and omnipresent as you can be in your industry with your marketing, by adding value and by being visible.

It is our job to be so visible that our ideal prospects can’t help but trip over us.

Everywhere they look, it should be like, “Oh, there she is again!”

The way that we do that is by providing value, but also by doing our marketing in a really loving, authentic, and vulnerable way and adding overall value to the marketplace.

If you approach your marketing thinking, “I’m here to take from someone” you’re not going to want to do it.

But if you approach marketing with love and say to yourself,

“I am here to give value.”

“I am here to serve.”

“I’m here to continually make somebody’s life better by virtue of making myself visible”…

It will shift the energy of how you approach your marketing.

When you shift your energy around marketing, you shift how often you want to do it.

So if you’ve been sending something once a month or inconsistently, start thinking about sending something weekly, even daily.

You might think, “Oh my goodness, that would be too much!”

And it is too much, but only if you’re putting bad content out there.

If you’re putting good content out there, something that’s useful and that people look forward to, then it’s never too much.

So my inspiration for you for today is to start thinking about becoming a prolific, valuable, omni-present marketer.

And that is how you become cash fluid.

You’re the only one in control of how much you make.

It’s time to use that good news to your advantage.

We can help,

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tattoo for money flowing abundantly
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