The one big step to take before you rebrand

shutterstock_168161747Rebranding your business is a very big step and sometimes it’s a little scary. You’ve made a name for yourself in one area and that has taken time, money and plenty of blood, sweat and tears. You’re invested in your core story and the services that fit with it.

Yet, new ideas come to you that you want to try. You are getting feedback from clients that they want help with this new area of business. What do you do? How do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

There is no question this is a difficult decision. Even if you listen to your inner guidance, you might feel uncertain about how to go about this. I’ve been in your shoes and will tell you how I handled this shift myself.

For years I focused only on Client Attraction. While I used a number of attraction techniques that improved my mindset to grow my business, I didn’t share that in my marketing materials or even at my events. Then, one of my friends challenged me and said I should tell my clients I use these methods and start incorporating them into my work.

I was very concerned, and to be really honest, terrified of how people on my list would react. Would they think I was unprofessional? Would they think I went off the deep end?

Rather than taking the plunge and just moving into this new area cold, I decided to test the waters first. I offered a teleclass to my list and said something such as, “I’m doing a teleclass for something I’ve never shared before. Please come if this makes sense to you. It’s called ‘How to Manifest All the Clients You Need’ and I’m not going to be talking about marketing.”

How surprised was I when this was the most attended teleclass I had ever held at that point? The success gave me a lot of validation and strong confirmation, because the people on my list signed up like crazy. Plus, I got great feedback from clients who told me this was the best class they had ever been too.

That’s when I knew rebranding to incorporate mindset was the right way to go. The experiment showed me that my list was not only open to the mindset and attraction material, but was actually hungry for it.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Taking the step to test the waters before rebranding is a smart business move for several reasons.

  • You will know if your list is interested in a new offering or direction.
  • You can “play” with the messaging until you get it right.
  • You’ll get feedback about the product or service so you can tweak that too.

There is no hurry to rebrand. Do your homework to be sure the time and money you invest in a new direction will go over well with your market so you can continue to grow your business.

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