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The Moral (Divine?) Obligation to Grow Your Business

Today, I want to address a common concern I hear from women entrepreneurs already overwhelmed at 6-figures who are, frankly, afraid to grow:

“I don’t want to grow my business. I’m already overwhelmed. It may not be wise for me to attempt to scale and leverage. I’m fine with working with a small number of clients.”

While it’s understandable to want to maintain a comfortable level of work, I believe it’s a moral obligation, and for some, a divine obligation, to grow your business.

Why do I say that? Watch this:

Understand that there are (legions of) people out there who need you. These are people who are struggling with a problem that you can solve, desperately searching for a solution and whose lives would be changed if they worked with you.

Knowing this, if you were to keep your business small, you would essentially be leaving them stuck in their mess.

Think about it: if you could help many more people, wouldn’t you want to, from a moral perspective?

You see, you didn’t start your business just to make money. You started it because you want to make an impact.

You want to help people doing what you love. Yes?

That’s when it becomes less about you, and more about the impact you’re here to make with your business. I believe this very strongly. In fact, the members of our program always hear me say, Your business has never been solely about you, it’s not just about you now, it will never be only about you. It is about the people you are here to SERVE. It is about your legacy in this world.

So how can you grow your business and reach more people?

It starts with deciding that you want to make a bigger impact. You need to shift your mindset and start thinking about the people who need you:

  • What if they had access to your process, methodology, and the results that you provide?
  • Would their lives be better?

The answer is likely yes, and that’s why it’s important (from either a moral or spiritual perspective) to expand your reach.

To do this, we simply need to make some shifts to your business model and marketing strategy. NOT by working MORE, but by elegantly leveraging certain aspects of your business (as we teach in our signature program), so you can DO LESS, BETTER.

You see, the way that you increase 1) your impact, 2) your business, 3) your revenues, 4) your downtime is by working less.

  • While this is counterintuitive to those who first meet us, to reach more people, you will simply need to focus on the 20% of marketing assets that will produce 80% of the results
  • You also need to change the way you work with clients, so that you can accept more people into your business.

It’s about leveraging what you’ve got, without working harder, so you can make a difference in more people’s lives and in the world. By growing your business, you’re fulfilling a moral obligation to serve more people and make a bigger impact.

If this is all new to you, and you do feel this tug on your heart to discover a way to serve more people without working so much, it’s OK to not know how to do it. That’s why we exist.

Our signature program is the one in which we accompany women to create 20K months working less, and then 50K, 75K and eventually 100K months, having lots of unplugged vacations each year.

It’s a proven methodology. And if you’re just a little curious about how it works, we should connect.

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We are here for you,

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