The Last Thing Derek Expected [new video]

I shot it yesterday and I did something kind of unusual on it. It made Derek a little nervous at first, but then he didn’t mind. You’ll see what I mean. Hope you like it. (I even got a little bit emotional towards the middle, but I think it’s OK.)

Hey, just a heads up… It’s only gonna be up for a few days, so take a look at it now, OK?

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11 Responses

  1. Hi Fabienne, really enjoyed the video thanks and your series about Working with Your Spouse looks GREAT. My question is how much content is about getting your partner to support you and how much is to do with actually the process of working together? The reason I ask is that we have a new business (not been running a year) and I have been running it largely as my husband had his own job last year BUT the business was actually his brain child and he is therefore completely on board in supporting the business. He has just finished his other job so money is tight for a start. But our main problem is more HOW we work together and the problems of communicating, getting work/life balance, putting the personal relationship above the work relationship etc? Will this series help us with these things? Thanks,

  2. This is a great timely product. Although my partner is very supportive of what I am doing, he also does not take me seriously. Because I don’t ‘go out’ to work and I am at home all day he does not see what I am doing as a ‘real’ job.

    Thank you!

  3. Love the video, Fabienne & Derek!

    I attended the Add On Day with my husband, Greg, and we found the worksheets helped us to see each others’ perspective more clearly. Looking forward to reviewing the program again, I find some of the deepest learning happens when seeing the material for a second time.

    This is a program every entrepreneur in a relationship should have. There’s so much valuable info in it!

    Love you guys, keep leading the way…

    Tracey Fieber

  4. Fabienne! Just a few comments, starting with “You’re wonderful”! I’m sure Derek is too, but it’s you I’ve been following for five years and really, I AM THRILLED with your success and you being YOU.

    Okay, that’s said! Next thing is your office. The colours – you in your Schiaparelli pink jacket and the artwork behind, the artfully squashed pink pillows and the lovely pink roses – are lovely! Beautiful! Perfect for you! Derek looked okay too, especially for someone who didn’t know he’d be dragooned before the camera!

    (I watched a video you did before Christmas I think it was, and the office wasn’t quite finished. It was so fun to see it put together and you there in the middle of it!)

    So now I’ll go see about Working With Your Spouse! I just had to say “Brava! Brava! Brava!” I am so proud of you and what you are accomplishing day by day, year by year!

    Kindest regards and best wishes,


  5. Hi Fabienne and Derek: Loved the video. My husband and I have been working together for over 4 years on our home building business, in another State no less, from where our primary residence is. You touched on some very importatnt things that couples need to address when working and living 24/7. Luckily, our marriage and our business survived. I am now working on my own business, and find that many of the same aspects are important even though we each run our own business now. Mutual respect, support and communication are so VERY important. You are giving couples a GRAND insight, thank you!

  6. Fabienne and Dereck,

    I’m so proud of you for “Scripting your Success” as a couple. You’ve learned from what didn’t work and really focused on creating a new story or script around your dream marriage foremost, family and business together. Just watching you two since Derek came on board, Dereck looks so much healthier and Fabienne so much happier! That’s priceless! What a model you are gifting your children and your community at large. You’ve really tapped into a message that’s up there with Dr. King and Gandhi because of the ripple of peace in the home and understanding you’ve generated… not to mention the ripple effect other couples experience when you’re just out and about.

    My husband, Jason and I had to do this work when he joined me in the entrepreneurial world three years ago and it has made all the difference! Keep teaching this stuff. Yummy lives start with happy couples.



  7. I already ordered this product and can’t wait to get it.

    Thanks for including those of us who are in relationships where we work with our spouses in same-sex partnerships in this course as well – it means a lot to be included together.

    You 2 are very special!

    Thanks for doing this

  8. Hi Fabienne, I just watched the short promo video for your new product and I felt complelled to drop a comment. I am a single mom of two ( 11year old boy and 21months old girl) I am training as a coach at the moment and I will be launching a practice soon. I am very excited and a little bit scared. I actually had to leave my spouse because he didn’t believe in me ( there was obviously more to it) so what you said in here had actually moved me to tears. I really hope that this new product is extremely successful, I love all your work and everything about you. You are a mom, you are an extremely successful business woman, you are beautiful glowing woman, you are a wife, a friend, you are phenomenal. You are my inspiration and I love everything about you. And from the bottom of my heart all the best to you and your loved ones in 2010 and beyond. Hugs Nadia x

  9. fabienne/derek:
    their is an expression in yiddish called “nachas” (and you say it with a lot of pflem in your voice) and what it means is “blessings”. i am very happy for the two of you and wish that my partner and I would have put together something like what the two of you are doing. we have been working our franchise for 4 and half years now and because of the bootcamp our business is taking off…..from tweeking my monthly ezine, especially my thankful december ezine….i just wrote up a 15k order and my average order is 5k.
    thank you and G-d bless you fabienne… are the best!!!!
    ann joy

  10. Hey Fabienne and Derek – great video clip! Very valuable product – wish I had had ‘this’ when I was still married………because my passion for my work and…….yes, my work-a-holic tendencies……were some of the reasons for the demise of my 22-year marriage. My ex-husband handled the financial aspect of the business and I (unfortunately) gave up total accountability for that aspect of the business……so wrong! Also, he didn’t support my work, in general. Because I am such a fan of your work, and your honesty and transparency and generosity, I know that when (not if), but when I am in a new relationship, this product will be an essential “pre-nuptial-type’ tool……..adding to my future success, because I still LOVE my work and my business and so ‘next time’ I’ll do better because I’ll know better…….thanks to your great resources! Good luck with the product…..I know I will certainly be telling everyone about it!

    Pat Mussieux, Founder

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