The false belief that poverty is more holy

I’m dropping in today to talk about the false belief that many people have…

…the belief that poverty is more holy than making good money. 

For the last 20 years, I’ve been touring the world talking about abundance, in business and in life. I’ve been speaking about making a big impact with your life and your business, and the fact that you should get rewarded financially for it. 

I believe that making good money is your birthright.

And sometimes just to ruffle people’s feathers, I use the word wealthy or rich. I use it on purpose because I see people get all prickly when they hear these words…and here’s what I want to say (click the video below):

If you’re anything like me, you were likely programmed early and often that money is not good.

That people who make very, very good money (who are wealthy or even rich) are sleazy and inauthentic. That they take up too much of a footprint in the world, and take from people instead of giving. 

Be super honest with yourself…

Do you have a belief that people who are rich just aren’t good people?

When I talk about mindset I often talk about the fact that the television shows that many of us grew up watching quietly demonized people with money, versus people who were poor or just scraping by. These were our heroes. 

Repetition of a message is powerful, especially when you’re young and your defenses are down. And when you’re watching a movie or a television show on a daily basis for hours at a time, it goes straight to your subconscious. (I did this as a child because it’s how I learned English.)

As you may already know, your subconscious is the collection of beliefs that make up your self-image, and your modus operandi in life. It’s from your subconscious that you make your decisions about what actions to take. 

And so if you’ve been told repeatedly that “poverty is more holy than being wealthy”, there is going to be an inner conflict, and therefore, resistance.

Even though you may say you want more money (I’ve yet to meet somebody who doesn’t want more money in their life) there’s going to be a conflict around how big you want to play in the world, how much money you will charge or accept for something, what you will pay for, etc. 

So today I want you to look at what you’ve been taught around money in your childhood. 

What are the messages that you heard early and often about highly successful, wealthy people, especially entrepreneurs? 

And conversely, what have you repeatedly heard about people who don’t have a lot of money? Do they have a bigger heart or a smaller heart? 

Rich people aren’t evil. Evil people are evil. Let’s not confuse the two. 

Can I say something now that might ruffle your feathers?

God (or the Universe, whatever you call your higher power) wants you to be rich. 

I know that’s confronting, but I think you might need to hear that, because being financially abundant is simply the idea of living a fuller expression of who you already are. 

It’s about more freedom, more life, more beauty, more abundance. 

And when you live that way, you’re not taking away from anybody else, you’re just being who you are. 

Something to think about today.

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